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 Great stone industrial park

Enterprise description
Location Istanbul
Address 81730, Turkey, Istanbul, Ömerli Beldesi, Factories way, No:43 Ömerli
phone +90 216 435 70 33
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  •   -  Other wholesale
Product classification
  •   -  Bath gels
  •   -  Cosmetics
  •   -  Disposable personal wipes
  •   -  Feminine hygiene products
  •   -  Hair care supplies
  •   -  Hair combs or brushes
  •   -  Hair removal or depilatory products
  •   -  Hand cleaner
  •   -  Hand or body lotion or oil
  •   -  Lip balm
  •   -  Nail clippers
  •   -  Nail polish
  •   -  Perfumes or colognes or fragrances
  •   -  Shampoos
  •   -  Skin care products
  •   -  Soaps
  •   -  Sun protection products
Tanalize cosmetics since its foundation from 1995 keeping the quality philosophy as principle is serving the needs and expectations of the clients . Tanalize cosmetics having the aim of always reaching the best under the brand FARMASI is exporting to 110 countries more than 2000 products and has proved that it is the leader of the cosmetics sector. By renewing and developing its production establishment day by day, Tanalize cosmetics serves your needs with its personal care, make-up and wet wipes products.

Tanalize produces approximately 2.000 kinds of cosmetics and parfumes as its own brand FARMASI name and also as private label for well-known companies, local market, supermarket chains and 110 countries.

With the 40.000 m2 plant area, daily production capacity of Tanalize is around 1.000 tons. In our company all processes like producing, filling, labelling and packaging is done by full automatic equipments without a hand touching. Farmasi develops all studies in order to increase the sales and highlights research and development. (R&D)

Tanalize cosmetics in respect of the european union law is showing accordance to the cosmetics regulations and has endowed its laboratories with modern equipments. In the laboratories a team of experienced specialists are producing more than 2000 products according to the accepted international standards.

Компания Tanalize Cosmetic (Фармаси) лидер производитель о косметике в Турции от 1950-го года. Мы производим и экспортироваем косметики, личная гигиена, влажные салфетки и парфюмы в 116 страны в Европе, Азие, Америке, Средний Восток.
Мы находимся на первое место среди косметических экспортеров в Турции. Наш фирм площадь в 4000 м2 и у нас есть около 250 сотрудников.

Наша дневная выработка приблизительно 1000 тоны и у нас есть приблизительно 2000 разные продукты. Процессии (производство, заполнение, маркировка, упаковка) делаються автоматически.

Пожалуйста проверите наши продукты описание & фотки, наш фирм видео от наш сайт

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