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[21-08-2014 14:55]:  Belarus
Belarus's grain harvest over 9m tonnes in 2014
This year Belarus will harvest more than 10 million tonnes of grain, corn included, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Vladimir Grakun told a press conference, BelTA has learned. Read
[21-08-2014 10:43]:  Belarus
Mogilev Oblast to run several projects with foreign donors
Mogilev Oblast is set to implement several infrastructure projects with the help of foreign donors, Mogilev Oblast Vice Governor Viktor Nekrashevich said at a session of the Business Promotion Council on 20 August, BelTA has learned. Read
[21-08-2014 10:41]:  Belarus
Belarus lifts ban on cattle imports from some European countries
Belarus has lifted temporary restrictions on the import of cattle, sheep and goats from a number of European countries, BelTA learned from the Veterinary and Food Control Department of the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry. Read
[21-08-2014 10:31]:  Belarus
Belarus' Development Bank opens credit line to promote Geely cars in Kazakhstan
The Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus has opened a $10.9 million credit line for the company Virazh (Kazakhstan) that wants to buy and import Geely cars assembled by the Belarusian company BelGee. Read
[21-08-2014 10:24]:  Belarus
Belarus’ Grodno Azot reports 6.1% rise in commodity output in Jan-Jul 2014
Belarus’ chemical company OAO Grodno Azot manufactured Br6.131 trillion worth of chemical products ($590.693 million) in January-July 2014, up 6.1% on the year, the company said in an official report posted on the company’s web site. Read
[21-08-2014 09:58]:  Belarus
CU to label certain kinds of light industry products
The Customs Union (CU) plans to introduce special labels for a few kinds of light industry products, in accordance with a relevant resolution of the Eurasian Economic Commission adopted August 15, 2014. Read
[20-08-2014 17:45]:  Russian Federation
EEC sets import quotas for meat and dairy products in 2015
The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) approved the tariff quotas for a number of goods to be imported to the member states of the Customs Union and the Single Economic Space in 2015.  Read
[20-08-2014 17:39]:  Belarus
Reports on illegal re-export of foodstuffs to Russia via Belarus unconfirmed
The information about alleged attempts to re-export banned fruit and vegetables to Russia through the territory of Belarus has not been confirmed, Alexei Bogdanov, Head of the Central Office for Foreign Economic Activities of the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry, told BelTA. Read
[20-08-2014 10:02]:  Belarus
Belarusian-Polish economic forum in Brest on 1-2 October
The Belarusian-Polish economic forum Neighborhood 2014 will take place in Brest on 1-2 October, representatives of the Brest Oblast office of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry told BelTA. Read
[20-08-2014 10:00]:  Belarus
Mogilev to host international investment forum in November
The 7th international investment forum, Mogilev Oblast – A Path to Success, will take place in Mogilev on 5-7 November, BelTA learnt from the FEZ Mogilev administration.  Read
[20-08-2014 09:58]:  Belarus
Belarusian Krinitsa now ships to China, Canada, Australia
The Belarusian brewery Krinitsa started shipping its merchandise to China, Canada, and Australia in 2014, the company's Director General Alexander Kizhuk told BelTA. Read
[20-08-2014 09:51]:  Belarus
Potash fertilizers output up 25.5% in Belarus in January-July
In January-July 2014 the production of potash fertilizers rose by 25.5% compared to the same period in 2013, BelTA learned from the National Statistics Committee. Read
[20-08-2014 09:40]:  Belarus
Klimovichi Distillery reports 30.1% drop in alcohol production in Jan-Jul 2014
Belarus’ state-owned enterprise Klimovichi Distillery (Mogilev Region) produced 511,200 dal of liquor and vodka in January-July 2014, down 30.1% year on year, a company representative told Prime-TASS. Read
[20-08-2014 09:37]:  Belarus
Belarus’ industrial output down 0.6%/yr in Jan-Jul 2014 to Br383tn
Belarus’ industrial output decreased 0.6% on the year in January-June 2014 to 383 trillion Belarusian rubles (Br), or U.S. $31.805 billion at the official rate of the National Bank, an official in the Statistics Committee told PRIME-TASS. Read
[19-08-2014 09:46]:  Belarus
Lithuania invited to invest in Belarusian processing companies
Lithuanian businessmen have been invited to invest in Belarusian processing companies, head of the main department for foreign economic activity of Belarus' Agriculture and Food Ministry Alexei Bogdanov told BelTA after meeting with Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture Virginija Baltraitiene. Read
[19-08-2014 09:43]:  Belarus
Easier access to Moscow retail chains for Belarus
It will be easier for Belarusian agricultural manufacturers to access federal retail chains of Moscow, BelTA learned from Alexei Bogdanov, Head of the Central Office for Foreign Economic Activities of the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry Read
[19-08-2014 09:17]:  Belarus
Belarus’ farm output down 4.3% yr in Jan-Jun 2014 to Br37.4tn
Belarus’ farm output decreased 4.3% on the year in January-June 2014 to 37.4 trillion Belarusian rubles ($3.649 billion at the official exchange rate), a source in the National Statistics Committee (Belstat) told PRIME-TASS. Read
[18-08-2014 16:06]:  Belarus
Belarus' national expo in Russian Novosibirsk in October
A national expo of Belarus will take place in the Russian city of Novosibirsk on 21-23 October, BelTA learned from Yevgeny Vvedensky, Acting Director of the enterprise BelInterExpo of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Read
[18-08-2014 14:30]:  Belarus
Belarus’ beer output down 1.2%/yr in Jan-Jul 2014 to 26.099m dal
Belarus’ beer output decreased 1.2% on the year in January-July 2014 to 26.099 million decaliters, a Belgospischeprom official told Prime-TASS. Read
[18-08-2014 09:55]:  Russian Federation
Russia allows import of banned products processed in CU
Members of the Customs Union will be able to supply Russia with foods made from products subject to Russian sanctions if these products are processed on the territory of the Customs Union, Russia's Vice Premier Arkady Dvorkovich said at a meeting with Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev  Read
[18-08-2014 09:14]:  Belarus
Belarus to increase food supplies to Russia 1.5 times in August-December
Belarus plans to increase food supplies to Russia 1.5 times in August-December 2014, Belarusian Premier Mikhail Myasnikovich told media during his working trip to Mogilev Oblast on 15 August, BelTA has learned. Read
[15-08-2014 14:45]:  Belarus
Belarus urges to stick to agreements on customs clearance of tires in Customs Union
The Customs Union needs to prevent unlawfu customs clearance of tires, Belarusian Premier Mikhail Myasnikovich said as he visited OAO Belshina tire producer on 15 August, BelTA has learned. Read
[15-08-2014 10:18]:  Belarus
Semashko: BATE seeks to boost supplies to Russia's AvtoVaz
Belarus would like to increase supplies of vehicle components made by the Borisov-based plant BATE to Russia's AvtoVaz, First Deputy Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said as he met with a delegation of the Russian company led by AvtoVaz President Bo Andersson Read
[15-08-2014 10:15]:  Belarus
Belarus, Poland to discuss cooperation in agriculture
Belarus and Poland will soon hold meetings to discuss cooperation in agriculture. This was agreed at the working meeting of the agriculture ministers of the two countries at the Agrokombinat Skidelsky company, Grodno District Read
[15-08-2014 10:07]:  Belarus
Myasnikovich: Increase in food exports to Russia will not hurt domestic market
Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich believes that Belarus is able to expand food exports to Russia in a way that will not have a negative impact on the domestic market.  Read
[15-08-2014 09:42]:  Belarus
Vitebsk Liquor Plant’s stock down to 220.2%
Belarus’ OAO Vitebsk Distillery Pridvinie has reduced the stock of ready goods by 8 percentage points, bringing it down to 220.2% (213,000 decalitres). Read
[15-08-2014 09:37]:  Belarus
Belarus’ juice import up 16%/yr in Jan-Jun 2014 to 20,658 tns
Belarus’ juice import grew 16% on the year in January-June 2014 to 20,658 tonnes. According to official statistical reports, in value terms, imports amounted to U.S. $23.447 million, up 9%. Read
[15-08-2014 09:30]:  Belarus
Belarus ups imports of soft drinks, mineral water in Jan-June 2014
Belarus increased imports of soft drinks and mineral water in January-June 2014, according to the State Customs Committee. Read
[15-08-2014 09:17]:  Belarus
Belarus’ exports 560,000 tns of petrol to Russia in Jan-Jul
Sales of Belarusian-made petrol on the Russian market in H1 2014 came up to 375,000 tonnes worth $230 million. The total amount of petroleum products exported to Russia in H1 grew 20% to 405,000 tonnes. Read
[14-08-2014 10:25]:  Belarus
Belarus to partake in Izmir International Fair
Belarus will present its national exposition at the international fair which is due to take place in Izmir, Turkey on 29 August-2 September, BelTA learnt from Belinterexpo Company of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Read

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