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[28-04-2014 12:24]:  Belarus
Belarus reduces oil export duties 1 May
As from 1 May 2014 Belarus will reduce export duties on oil and oil products exported outside the customs territory of the Customs Union.  Read
[28-04-2014 09:33]:  Belarus
NBB’s currency rates as of April 28, 2014
The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) set on April 25 the following exchange rates of the Belarusian ruble (Br) against foreign currencies for April 28, 2014. Read
[28-04-2014 09:31]:  Belarus
Kommunarka to invests $13m in production upgrade in 2014
Belarus’ largest confectionery OAO Kommunarka plans to invest at least Br130 billion ($13.039 million) in production upgrade in 2014, Kommunarka CEO Ivan Danchenko told reporters, while opening a brand store in Minsk. Read
[28-04-2014 09:27]:  Belarus
Belarus’ Neman may cut cigarette supplies for home market in 2014
Belarus’ Grodno-based Neman tobacco factory is likely to reduce Belarusian-made cigarette supplies for the inland market in 2014 by 31.7% to 14.9 billion units because of the expansion of the grey market of tobacco products. Read
[25-04-2014 10:17]:  Belarus
No complaints about Belarusian dairy products from Russian dairy association
The National Dairy Producers Union of Russia (Soyuzmoloko) has no claims against Belarusian dairy products, Chairman of the Board of the Union Andrei Danilenko told media in Minsk on 24 April, BelTA has learnt. Read
[25-04-2014 09:57]:  Belarus
Belarus approves key investment projects for 2014
Belarus has approved the list of the key investment projects for implementation in 2014. The Council of Ministers adopted the relevant Decree No.380 on 23 April 2014, BelTA learnt from the press service of the Belarusian government. Read
[25-04-2014 09:46]:  Belarus
Russia’s Volma to boost Belgips capacity to 10m sq m of gypsum plasterboards
Russia’s Volma Corporation is determined to upgrade and retool OAO Belgips to make sure the capacity of the Belarusian factory grows to 10 million square metres of gypsum plasterboards a year, the Russian company said in a release. Read
[24-04-2014 09:48]:  Belarus
NBB’s currency rates as of April 24, 2014
The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) set on April 23 the following exchange rates of the Belarusian ruble (Br) against foreign currencies for April 24, 2014. Read
[24-04-2014 09:29]:  Belarus
Belarus introduces import licences for non-CU beer. Only for six months
Belarus has introduced licences effective from May 1 till October 31, 2014 for alcohol-free and malt beer (customs codes 2202 90 100 1 and 2203 00) imported from countries other than the Customs Union member states. Read
[24-04-2014 09:24]:  Belarus
Belarusian farmers to supply 150,000 tonnes of brewer’s malt in 2014
Belarusian farmers shall supply 150 million tonnes of brewer’ malt in 2014 under government procurement contracts Read
[23-04-2014 10:38]:  Belarus
Belarus to ban sales of beer in large containers Jul 22
Belarus is due to ban sales of beer and low-alcohol beverages (alcohol content under 7%) in consumer containers whose nominal volume exceeds 2 litres starting July 22, 2014.  Read
[23-04-2014 10:03]:  Belarus
NBB’s currency rates as of April 23, 2014
The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) set on April 22 the following exchange rates of the Belarusian ruble (Br) against foreign currencies for April 23, 2014.  Read
[23-04-2014 09:45]:  Belarus
Belarus cuts cost of ID stamps for beer 30%
Belarus has reduced by the cost of ID stamps, which are used to mark beer, following resolutions #19 and #20 of April 8, 2014 adopted by the Ministry of Finance. Read
[23-04-2014 09:32]:  Belarus
Belarus to label alcohol products with excise stamps at 5 locations
Belarus has decided on the list of 5 customs warehouses in Brest, Gomel, Bobruisk and Minsk, where alcohol products will be labelled with excise stamps. Read
[22-04-2014 09:51]:  Belarus
Belarus offers attractive terms to Laotian importers
Belarus is ready to reduce interest rates for Laotian importers of Belarusian vehicles. The statement was made by Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich as he met with the Laos parliament delegation in Minsk on 21 April, BelTA has learned. Read
[22-04-2014 09:26]:  Belarus
Belarus cuts power transmission tariffs for owners of block stations
Belarus has reduced by 13.9% the power transmission tariffs for owners of isolated generating plants down to Br305 ($0.03) per 1kWh, in accordance with government resolution #30 of April 9, 2014. Read
[22-04-2014 09:19]:  Belarus
Belarus’ tobacco imports up 17 times in Jan-Feb
Belarus’ tobacco product imports totalled 69.176 million in Jan-Feb 2014, up 17 times year on year, Belstat said in a report. Read
[22-04-2014 09:15]:  Belarus
NBB’s currency rates as of April 22, 2014
The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) set on April 21 the following exchange rates of the Belarusian ruble (Br) against foreign currencies for April 22, 2014.  Read
[21-04-2014 09:35]:  Belarus
Belarus bans pork import from Latvia
Belarus has imposed a ban on the import of pork from Latvia’s regions Dagda, Kraslava and Zilupe, BelTA learned from the department for veterinary and food supervision at the Agriculture and Food Ministry of Belarus. Read
[21-04-2014 09:19]:  Belarus
NBB’s currency rates as of April 21, 2014
The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) set on April 18 the following exchange rates of the Belarusian ruble (Br) against foreign currencies for April 21, 2014.  Read
[21-04-2014 09:15]:  Belarus
Belarus’ beer output down 3.1%/yr in Jan-Mar 2014 to 9.199m dal
Belarus’ beer output decreased 3.1% on the year in January-March 2014 to 9.199 million decaliters, a Belstat official told Prime-TASS. Read
[21-04-2014 09:11]:  Belarus
Belarus’ Polotsk-Steklovolokno cuts exports 5% in Q1 2014
Belarus’ OAO Polotsk-Steklovolokno (a glass fibre company located in Polotsk, Vitebsk Region) has announced 5% year-on-year decline in exports in January-March 2014 to $24.764 million, the company administration told Prime-TASS. Read
[18-04-2014 09:58]:  Belarus
Belaruskali’s produces 1.051m tonnes of potash fertilizer in March 2014
The state-owned Belarusian company OAO Belaruskali produced 1.051 million tonnes of mineral fertilizers in March 2014, the company’s press-service said in a release. Read
[18-04-2014 09:39]:  Belarus
Belarus suspends import of poultry meat from North Korea
Belarus suspended the import of poultry meat from the province of P'yongyang-si, North Korea, on 18 April, BelTA learnt from the Veterinary and Food Control Department of the Agriculture and Food Ministry.  Read
[17-04-2014 10:31]:  Belarus
Beltelecom’s net income up 6.3%/yr in 2013 to Br801.153 billion
The Belarusian national telecom operator Beltelecom reported a 6.3% increase in net incomes 2013 from 2012 to 801.153 billion Belarusian rubles ($80.2 million at the NBB rate). Read
[17-04-2014 09:44]:  Belarus
Belarus cuts average weighted export price of potash fertilizer 4.5% to Br2.157m
The Belarusian Tax Ministry has adopted resolution #20, which cuts the average weighted price of exported potash fertilizer in March 2014 to Br2.157 million ($216.96), down 4.5% from the level of February 2014. Read
[17-04-2014 09:34]:  Belarus
Velcom calls Telekom Austria Group Belarus’ largest FDI provider
Telekom Austria Group is one of the largest sources of direct foreign investments for the Belarusian economy, Velcom CEO Helmut Duhs told a press-conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Velcom’s revenue service on the Belarusian market. Read
[17-04-2014 09:30]:  Belarus
OAO Belsolod’s net profit at $709,800 in Q1 2014
Belarus’ OAO Belsolod malt producer reported a net income of Br7.056 billion ($709,800) in Jan-Mar 2013, to compare with a net loss of Br4.7 billion ($472,800) in Q1 2013 Read
[16-04-2014 09:29]:  Belarus
Belarus’ Grodno Azot reports 6% rise in commodity output in Jan-Mar 2014
Belarus’ chemical company OAO Grodno Azot manufactured Br2.687 trillion worth of chemical products ($270.925 million) in January-March 2014, up 6% on the year, the company said in an official report posted on the company’s web site. Read
[14-04-2014 09:24]:  Belarus
Aquadiv vodka output down 2.6 times in Q1 2014 to 125,000 dal
Malinovschina-based distillery Aquadiv (Minsk Region) produced 125,000 decalitres of liquor and vodka in January-March 2014, down 2.6 times on the year, a company representative told Prime-TASS. Read

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