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[11-05-2011 16:11]:  Croatia
Unemployment down in April
The month of April has seen a 6.4 per cent drop in unemployment compared to the previous month, the latest Croatian Employment Services (HZZ) data shows. Read
[06-05-2011 14:29]:  Croatia
Croatia´s top 50 firms register huge increase in profits
Croatia’s 50 largest firms have grossed 11 per cent more revenue and 449 per cent more profits last year, the portal Monitor writes. Read
[04-05-2011 17:47]:  Croatia
Government plans more investments for more livable islands
Croatia has invested 1.317 billion kunas (178.4 million Euros) in island development last year, the majority of the funds coming from grants. Read
[29-04-2011 15:11]:  Croatia
Experts see slight labour market recovery for next year
Croatia must have a two per cent GDP growth just to put a stop to the increase in unemployment, experts at the recent Croatian Employment Services (HZZ) roundtable discussion agreed. Read
[25-04-2011 16:50]:  Croatia
Croatia to get 150-million-Euro loan from World Bank in May
The World Bank has approved a 150 million Euro loan to the Croatian government that will be signed in May, the daily Jutarnji List writes. Read
[25-04-2011 16:06]:  Croatia
Unemployment down first time since August
The registered unemployment rate fell slightly in March to 19.3 per cent from the previous month's 19.6, the daily Vecernji List writes.  Read
[20-04-2011 12:20]:  Croatia
Majority of Croatians see no changes year after introduction of economic recovery plan
A year after the Croatian government introduced its measures for economic recovery, the majority of the country's citizens see no positive changes. Read
[19-04-2011 14:43]:  Croatia
Croatian Chamber of Economy to cut five per cent of jobs
The President of Croatia's Chamber of Economy (HGK) Nadan Vidosevic said that employee cuts planned for this year will amount to five per cent of the workforce, the daily 24 Sata writes. Read
[18-04-2011 14:08]:  Croatia
Beginning of year sees more tourists but fewer overnight stays
Croatia saw a slight increase of three per cent in tourists in the first two months of this year compared to 2010, the latest Central Bureau of Statistics (DZS) data shows. Read
[07-04-2011 12:04]:  Croatia
EBRD to lend 350 million Euros this year
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will lend Croatia 350 million Euros this year for water, energy and railway projects. Read
[05-04-2011 16:53]:  Croatia
Raiffeisen Research adjusted data shows slighly lower GDP drop for 2010
The Croatian GDP fell by 1.2 per cent year on year (yoy) in 2010 according to the revised data from Raiffeisen Research, a slight improvement over first estimates. Read
[29-03-2011 12:00]:  Croatia
Average salaries up 1 per cent since November
The average Croatian salary increased by one per cent or about 50 kunas (6.8 Euros) since last November, the latest research from job website MojPosao shows. Read
[21-03-2011 12:36]:  Croatia
Banks pledge mortgage loan interest rate cuts
Most of Croatia's large banks have announced they would be cutting mortgage loan interest rates, the daily 24 Sata writes. Read
[16-03-2011 13:29]:  Croatia
Croatia's exports to Belgium up 43.3 per cent last year
Croatia has exported 68.5 million Euros worth of goods to Belgium last year, a 43.4 per cent increase over 2009. Read
[12-03-2011 13:22]:  Croatia
Croatians are punctual employees, survey finds
The majority of Croatians seem to be punctual when it comes to work, with many arriving early every day, a new research shows. Read
[11-03-2011 17:20]:  Croatia
Car registrations up in February
Some 3,337 new vehicles were registered in Croatia in February, a 12.97 per cent increase over February of last year. Read
[10-03-2011 17:26]:  Croatia
Croatia hopes for more German tourists this year
Early tourist season indicators show that German guests will remain the number one visitors to Croatia in 2011, with the Adriatic country being one of their top five preferred destinations. Read
[09-03-2011 18:13]:  Croatia
Croatia places 34th on World Economic Forum tourism report
Croatia has maintained a steady position in this year's World Economic Forum Travel (WEF) and Tourism Competitiveness, placed 34th amongst 139 countries surveyed. Read
[04-03-2011 13:05]:  Croatia
77 per cent of households cannot cover basic living costs
Seventy seven per cent of Croatian household were not able to cover their basic living costs with their income last year, the latest survey from market research agency GfK shows. Read
[02-03-2011 11:59]:  Croatia
Croatia's employment down in January
The number of employed fell in January by 0.9 per cent or 12,360 persons compared to December, the latest data from Central Bureau of Statistics shows. Read
[28-02-2011 12:38]:  Croatia
Croatian GDP fell 1.4 per cent last year
Croatian GDP fell 1.4 per cent last year compared to 2009, the first estimates of the Central Bureau of Statistics (DZS) show. Read
[25-02-2011 12:30]:  Croatia
Croatian tourism may get unexpected boost from unrest in north Africa
Croatian tourism could benefit from recent unrest in Egypt and Tunisia as hundreds of thousands of German travellers intending to go on holiday to those states are now looking for more stable alternatives. Read
[24-02-2011 17:27]:  Croatia
Bread prices likely to go up in March
The price of bread in Croatia is expected to rise 20 per cent by March due a huge hike in flour prices, the daily 24 Sata has reported. Read
[23-02-2011 15:27]:  Croatia
Croatia's unemployment highest since May 2003
The unemployment rate in Croatia climbed to 19.6 per cent in January, the highest it has been since May 2003, the Central Bureau of Statistics data shows. Read
[22-02-2011 16:59]:  Croatia
Basic living costs up
Twenty four out of 138 necessities that go into the essential consumer basket have gone up in price in just last week, the daily Vecernji List writes. Read
[22-02-2011 16:46]:  Croatia
Croatian and Serbian construction companies seek joint ventures abroad
Croatian and Serbian construction firms are teaming up to conquer new markets worth billions dollars in Libya, Algiers, Iran and several former Soviet Union states.  Read
[21-02-2011 13:37]:  Croatia
Croatian tourism increases, but Germans still opt for Spain and Turkey
Croatian tourism is not expected to profit from German tourists in wake of the crisis in Egypt, news website Dalje has reported. Read
[17-02-2011 13:27]:  Croatia
Ice-cream manufacturer's profits up slightly last year
The ice-cream manufacturer Ledo has reported 101.7 million kunas (14.45 million Euros) profit, an increase of 0.4 per cent compared to the year before, the company’s financial report shows. Read
[16-02-2011 16:17]:  Croatia
Seasonal work only hope in bleak labour market
Seasonal work may be the only hope for some 330,000 unemployed Croatians in a labour market where there is only one job for every three job seekers. Read
[15-02-2011 13:39]:  Croatia
Higher car sales bring hope of recovery
Car sales are back on the upward track after months of continuous drops, the latest research from agency Promocija Plus shows. Read

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