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[16-11-2016 10:53]:  Belarus
Belarusian companies invited to participate in Russian industrial zone project in Egypt
Enterprises of the Belarusian Industry Ministry are invited to take part in the project to set up a Russian industrial zone in Egypt. The project was presented during the latest session of the joint board of the Belarusian Industry Ministry and the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry in Moscow.  Read
[16-11-2016 10:41]:  Belarus
Belarus to formalize intended figures of food export to Russia in February
Plans have been made to adopt a document formalizing the intended figures of food export to Russia in February 2017. Belarus is planning to sell some 4.1 million tonnes of milk and dairy products and over 300,000 tonnes meat and meat products to Russia in 2017. Read
[16-11-2016 10:23]:  Belarus
Document adopted to guide Belarusian power grid development till 2030
The Belarusian government has adopted a concept meant to guide the development of the national power engineering industry till 2030. Apart from technical matters the document stipulates the re-organization of the national power engineering industry. Read
[16-11-2016 09:51]:  Belarus
Belorusneft to use new technology to step up oil extraction in Ukraine
In line with the agreement with the Ukrainian company Universal Drilling Technique Belarusian specialists intend to carry out five special operations using the technology that has been successfully tested and patented under the SKIF abbreviation. The technology is designed to increase oil recovery. Read
[16-11-2016 09:36]:  Belarus
Credit debt of Belarus’ 220 farms transferred to Asset Management Agency
Belarus’ Asset Management Agency will become in control of the credit debt worth of Br7.1 billion ($3.625bn) of domestic agricultural companies. Read
[16-11-2016 09:28]:  Belarus
High-Tech Park to develop high-value land plot in downtown Minsk
Belarus’ High-Tech Park will be the principal developer of the territory in downtown Minsk within the limits of Kulman Street, Vera Khorushaya Street and Yakub Kolas Street, where 18 idle buildings of the Minsk-based microelectronics manufacturer MPOVT are located now. Read
[16-11-2016 09:22]:  Belarus
2017 Tax Legislation: EY on amendments to Belarus’ Tax Code
New tax regulations and amendments to Belarus’ Tax Code (in the light of Law No. 432-3 of Oct 18, 2016) will become effective on Jan 1, 2017. The only exception is several provisions, which will take effect on other dates, for instance, on Jan 1, 2018. Read
[16-11-2016 09:09]:  Belarus
Belarus’ GDP down 2.8% in Jan-Oct 2016
Belarus’ gross domestic product (GDP) reduced by 2.8% on the year in January-October 2016 to 78.097 billion Belarusian rubles ($39.87 billion at the central bank’s exchange rate). Read
[15-11-2016 10:05]:  Belarus
Over 70% of Babushkina Krynka's output bound for export
In January-October Babushkina Krynka exported 70% of its output. Products are supplied to almost all cities of Russia with a population of a million people or more, and from there they get to the customers in regions. Read
[15-11-2016 10:01]:  Belarus
Lift export by Belarusian Mogilevliftmash 26.6% up in January-September
The Belarusian producer of lifts OAO Mogilevliftmash exported 7,842 lifts in January-September 2016, 26.6% up from the same period of last year. Mogilevliftmash lifts are sold to Afghanistan, Venezuela, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The company has sold the first few lifts to Germany. Read
[15-11-2016 09:43]:  Belarus
Minsk to host Day of German Economy 16 November
The 9th edition of the Day of German Economy in Minsk will be held on 16 November. The event will focus on professional personnel in Belarus.  Read
[15-11-2016 09:24]:  Belarus
Belaruskali ups solid alkali output amid high demand
The state-owned Belarusian company OAO Belaruskali increased solid alkali output to meet the growing consumer demand for this product. The product is shipped to customers in Belarus, Russia and the Baltic States. Read
[15-11-2016 09:17]:  Belarus
Belarus’ producer prices up 0.3% in October 2016
Belarusian producer prices in October 2016 increased by 0.3% on the month (up 8.1% compared to the level of Dec 2015). Read
[14-11-2016 16:37]:  Belarus
Over 50 Belarusian companies take part in India International Trade Fair
Over 50 Belarusian companies will demonstrate their achievements in engineering, petrochemistry, light and food industry, health, science and education at India International Trade Fair (IITF) on 14-27 November. Read
[14-11-2016 09:46]:  Belarus
Plans to use Belarus-made machinery for mechanization of agriculture in Namibia
Belarus and Namibia discussed plans to use Belarusian machinery and technologies for mechanization of the Namibian agriculture and matters related to the cooperation in higher education, training of technical specialists, and exploration and exploitation of mineral resources. Read
[14-11-2016 09:33]:  Belarus
Slight increase in freight traffic by rail between Belarus, Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast
The volume of freight transported between Belarus and Russia's Kaliningrad Region rose by 4.8% in January-September 2016. In particular, the volume of cargoes exported from Belarus rose by 56.3%. Cement, construction cargoes, and ferrous metals demonstrated the largest growth.  Read
[14-11-2016 09:25]:  Belarus
Scrap paper export from Belarus subject to single-use licences till May 16, 2017
Scrap paper exports from Belarus were subject to single-use licences in the period from May 16 till November 16, 2016. The practice will be continued till May 16, 2017, in accordance with a relevant resolution of the Belarusian government adopted on Nov 10, 2016. Read
[14-11-2016 09:22]:  Belarus
Belarus commodity exchange’s farm product trade volume up 31% in Jan-Oct 2016 to Br382m
The total value of transactions with farm products settled at OAO Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) in January-October 2016 stands at Br382 million ($200 million), up 31% year on year. Read
[14-11-2016 09:18]:  Belarus
Bank BelVEB signs another series of SME support agreements with Belarus Development Bank
Bank BelVEB and Belarus Development Bank have signed another two agreements to promote cooperation in providing credit support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a total portfolio of Br6 million ($3.14m). Read
[11-11-2016 15:17]:  Belarus
Belarus eyes Turkey for MTZ, Amkodor assembly plants
Belarus hopes to set up assembly plants for its MTZ and Amkodor vehicles in Turkey. Successful examples of such cooperation can already been cited. Minsk Automobile Plant has set up a joint production of trucks in Izmir.  Read
[11-11-2016 15:07]:  Belarus
Bellesbumprom companies raise export to Turkey by over 30% in January-September
Bellesbumprom companies have increased the export to Turkey by more than 30% in January-September 2016. They established contacts with the residents of the specialized industrial zone of furniture manufacturers and wood processing companies. Read
[11-11-2016 15:02]:  Belarus
Belarus, Pakistan mull over joint steel production project
Belarus and Pakistan are mulling over a joint Belarusian-Pakistani iron and steel plant at one of the Pakistani ports. Read
[11-11-2016 14:58]:  Belarus
Erdogan: Turkey, Belarus can raise bilateral trade to $1bn
Turkey and Belarus can raise the bilateral trade turnover to $1 billion within a short period of time. The inflow of Turkish investments to Belarus is rather big. These figures are expected to increase thanks to the high-level visit of the Turkish delegation. Read
[11-11-2016 14:48]:  Belarus
Negotiations underway to sell Belarusian BelAZ trucks to Turkey
Negotiations are underway to sell the haul trucks made by the Belarusian automobile engineering company BelAZ to Turkey. The BelAZ haul trucks may come in handy for coal extraction, for building a navigation canal in parallel with the Bosphorus Strait or a new airport in Istanbul.  Read
[11-11-2016 14:10]:  Belarus
Belarusian government: Economic efforts paying off
The inflation has been slowing down for the second consecutive year. This year, the rate of inflation in Belarus has hit its lowest in the past seven years. The effective interest rates have been going down; the foreign exchange market has weathered the storm. Read
[11-11-2016 09:09]:  Belarus
Belarus earmarks $49.5m to pay for green energy in 2016
Belarus’ energy concern Belenergo will spend $49.5 million in 2016 to purchase electric energy produced by power generating facilities, which use renewable energy sources. Belarus’ green power generating facilities will produce an estimated 281.8 million kWh of electric energy in 2016. Read
[11-11-2016 09:03]:  Belarus
BelAZ ships 14 heavy-duty trucks to Russian consumers
Belarus’ BelAZ heavy-duty truck manufacturer (Zhodino, Minsk Region) shipped 14 BelAZ-7547 trucks for open-cast mining operations with a load capacity of 42-45 tonnes to customers in Russia’s Central and Ural Districts. Read
[10-11-2016 17:42]:  Belarus
EEU, South Korea plan to develop investment cooperation
Belarus and South Korea discussed the prospects of bilateral trade and economic cooperation and also the issues related to Belarus' accession to the World Trade Organization. Read
[10-11-2016 17:35]:  Belarus
Ukraine considering refining oil in Belarus
Ukraine is considering a possibility of refining oil in Belarus. Ukraine reaffirmed its willingness to develop industrial cooperation, to bolster ties in agriculture, to take advantage of transport corridors, not only rail but also water routes. Read
[10-11-2016 17:31]:  Belarus
Call for new ways to raise Belarus-Ukraine trade to $8bn
It is necessary to find new ways to raise Belarus-Ukraine trade to $8 billion. Belarus-Ukraine trade totaled $8 billion in 2012, however, the figure has been falling due to objective and subjective reasons. Read

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