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 Great stone industrial park

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[05-10-2016 10:39]:  Belarus
Belarus, Russia's Lipetsk Region considering road construction joint venture
Belarus and Russia's Lipetsk Region are considering the establishment of a joint venture specializing in road construction. Apart from that, Lipetsk Region is interested in the experience of the Belarusian system of consumer cooperatives Belkoopsoyuz. Read
[05-10-2016 10:30]:  Belarus
Lithuanian businessmen praise quality of Belarusian goods, ready for joint projects
Lithuanian businessmen visit Gomel Region. A new agreement was signed with Gomelsteklo to supply over 500,000 square meters of float glass and 70,000 square meters of laminated glass to Lithuania. Read
[05-10-2016 09:32]:  Belarus
One Belt, One Way: China-Belarus logistics park to become key railway hub on new Eurasian bridge
The China-Belarus logistics park developed in the framework of the One Belt, One Way project will become a principal railway hub on the new Eurasian bridge. Read
[05-10-2016 09:23]:  Belarus
Belarus shipping to Moldova 500 tractors worth $7m, 10 grain harvesters worth $700,000
Belarus’ MTZ Group has made a contract with Moldova to supply in 2017 500 tractors worth $7 million and 10 Gomselmash grain harvesters worth $700,000. Read
[05-10-2016 09:17]:  Belarus
Belarus’ 2017 monetary policy seeks to reduce inflation growth to 9%
The government’s monetary policy in 2017 will retain continuity and will contribute to sustainable and balanced development of Belarus by means of keeping up price stability.  Read
[04-10-2016 12:52]:  Belarus
Bellegprom signs $3.5m worth of contracts in Pakistan
Bellegprom companies have signed contracts worth $3.5 million while on a visit to Pakistan. Polesye has concluded a contract with a Pakistani firm to deliver $2 million worth of high-bulk yarn.  Read
[04-10-2016 12:19]:  Belarus
MTZ signs over $30m worth of contracts in Pakistan
OAO Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ trademark) has signed over $30 million worth of contracts for 2017 in Pakistan. Read
[04-10-2016 12:09]:  Belarus
Belarus, Poland need to prepare more joint projects in transport industry
Belarus and Poland have common interests in a number of fields. It is essential to step up efforts to prepare joint projects, work out solutions to unify the strategies and resources and to implement these projects in the near future. It would be great to do it in 2016-2020. Read
[04-10-2016 11:48]:  Belarus
Belarus to raise gold, foreign exchange reserves up to $5.4bn in 2017
For the sake of ensuring macroeconomic stability next year the government and the central bank will take measures to maintain and increase the country's gold and foreign exchange reserves. Plans have been made to raise the reserves by at least $500 million to the equivalent of $5.4 billion. Read
[04-10-2016 11:36]:  Belarus
Companies of Belarus, Moldova sign nine contracts
Belarusian and Moldovan companies signed nine cooperation contracts during the recent the Moldovan-Belarusian Business Forum in Chisinau. Read
[04-10-2016 11:26]:  Belarus
$1bn Belarus-Pakistan trade turnover described as achievable goal
On 3 October Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko met with members of the Pakistani government. The Deputy Prime Minister met with the federal minister for national food security and research and the federal minister for science and technology. Read
[04-10-2016 10:38]:  Belarus
Belarusbank, Finance Ministry sign agreement with CITIC to establish Belarus-China investment fund
The Finance Ministry of Belarus and Belarusbank have signed a cooperation agreement with China’s CITIC Construction Co., Ltd. to establish a Belarus-China investment fund. Read
[04-10-2016 10:02]:  Belarus
Belarus’ debt expenditures to grow 20% in 2017 to Br2.5bn
Belarus’ debt service expenditures are expected to grow 20% year on year in 2017 to Br2.5 billion ($1.3 billion): external debt – Br1.7 billion ($882.3m), internal debt – Br774 million ($401.7m). Read
[04-10-2016 09:58]:  Belarus
Bill: Revenues of Belarus’ 2017 consolidated budget may reach Br30bn, expenditures – Br28.5bn
Revenues of Belarus’ 2017 consolidated budget may reach Br30 billion ($15.6 billion), with expenditures totalling Br28.5 billion ($14.8 billion). Read
[04-10-2016 09:53]:  Belarus
Belarus hopes to receive next tranche of EFSD credit in October
Belarus counts on receiving in October the next tranche of the standby credit from the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development (EFSD). Minsk has fulfilled all the conditions that EFSD put on the balance sheet date - September 1. Read
[03-10-2016 10:03]:  Belarus
Belarus ready for more active work on joint projects with Ecuador
Belarus is ready for more active work on joint projects with Ecuador. Belarus and Ecuador discussed topical aspects of cooperation in agriculture, manufacturing cooperation, and other matters of mutual interest. Read
[03-10-2016 09:26]:  Belarus
Belarus mulling to set up industrial cluster to produce potassium sulfate, long lasting NPK fertilizers
Belarus plans to create an industrial cluster in Pukhovichi (Minsk Region) to produce potassium sulfate and long lasting NPK fertilizers. Read
[03-10-2016 09:23]:  Belarus
NBB, EBRD sign memorandum to privatize Bank Moscow-Minsk
The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have signed a memorandum of understanding with regard to privatization of Bank Moscow-Minsk: the EBRD will provide assistance in selling the state-owned bank. Read
[03-10-2016 09:20]:  Belarus
Belarus govt to provide security for principal debt on EDB’s $75m credit to BelAZ
The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) will have the principal debt on its $75 million credit to BelAZ (the Management Company of BelAZ Group) secured by the Belarusian government. Read
[30-09-2016 15:43]:  Belarus
Belarus plans to expand industrial production in Moldova
Belarus plans to increase its industrial production in Moldova. A number of assembly plants have already been set up.  Read
[30-09-2016 15:40]:  Belarus
Small, medium private enterprises expected to secure Belarus economy growth by late 2020
Small and medium private enterprises are the factor that should drive economic growth for the next five years. Small and medium private enterprises are expected to secure three fourths of the national economy's growth by late 2020. Read
[30-09-2016 12:33]:  Belarus
Kazakhstan eager to cooperate with Belarus in information technologies
Kazakhstan is interested in advancing cooperation with Belarus in information technologies. Belarus-Kazakhstan joint participation in international transboundary projects is promising. One of them has been initiated by China — the One Belt, One Road project. Read
[30-09-2016 12:24]:  Belarus
Kazakhstan ready to share PPP development practices with Belarus
Kazakhstan is ready to share its practices in the development of public-private partnership with Belarus. To secure success in this area, it is necessary to further improve the legislation and engage professional consultants in the process. Read
[30-09-2016 12:18]:  Belarus
Strategic investors sought for several Belarusian enterprises
The National Agency of Investment and Privatization of Belarus (NAIP) intends to attract strategic investors to the enterprises to be privatized within the framework of the pilot project the agency is implementing with assistance of the World Bank. Read
[30-09-2016 12:14]:  Belarus
Belarusian national electrical company, Siemens to implement joint projects
The Belarusian national electrical company Belenergo and Siemens Company intend to work together on the concept and preliminary technical solutions for using Siemens-made gas turbine power plants for building power-generating facilities in Belarus that will take the load at peak hours.  Read
[30-09-2016 12:07]:  Belarus
Belarus to raise oil export duties on 1 October
Belarus intends to raise export duties on oil and oil products, which are exported outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, on 1 October 2016. The relevant decision is stipulated by the Council of Ministers' executive order No. 773 of 27 September 2016. Read
[30-09-2016 11:57]:  Belarus
Turkish business seeks stronger presence in Belarus' market
Turkish companies are interested in investing in woodworking, chemical and metalworking sectors of Belarus. Turkey has been rapidly developing its automobile sector, including the production of auto parts. These companies are ready to invest in Belarus. Read
[30-09-2016 10:27]:  Belarus
Belarus’ cargo traffic down 4.5% in Jan-Aug 2016 to 285.566m tonnes
Belarus’ cargo traffic by all means of transport reduced by 4.5% year on year in January-August 2016 to 285.566 million tonnes. Read
[30-09-2016 10:22]:  Belarus
Belagroprombank to take out NEFCO loan to finance environment projects
OAO Belagroprombank is planning to attract the loan of the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) to sponsor environmental projects.  Read
[30-09-2016 10:15]:  Belarus
Belgazprombank to facilitate Belarus’ exports to Russia as agent bank
OAO Belgazprombank will act as agent bank to secure the execution of an agreement between Belarus government and Gazprombank on financing Belarusian exports to Russia.  Read

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