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 Great stone industrial park

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[19-08-2016 10:02]:  Belarus
Belarus’ business community suggests solution to promote sales of home-made goods: cut energy cost, optimize marketing
The Kunyavsky Business Union suggests that companies should be given the right to pay VAT after receiving payment for the goods shipped (but not later than 60 days after shipping the goods).  Read
[19-08-2016 09:56]:  Belarus
Privatization: Belarus may allow new owners change business profile of former state-owned companies
New owners may be authorized to change the original business profile of former state-run companies in Belarus, if they manage to avoid personnel cuts and sustain production. Read
[19-08-2016 09:17]:  Belarus
Russia’s Gazprom CEO, Belarusian vice premier discuss cooperation
Alexei Miller, CEO of Russia’s gas monopoly Gazprom, and Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko have met in Moscow to discuss cooperation. Read
[18-08-2016 17:04]:  Belarus
Over 40 administrative procedures for businesses may be canceled in Belarus
Proposals have been brought forward to cancel more than 40 administrative procedures for businesses in Belarus. A working group for the simplification of administrative procedures was set up under the prime minister's instruction No.102р of 21 March.  Read
[18-08-2016 12:49]:  Belarus
Construction of Great Stone Park seen as breakthrough in Belarus-China economic cooperation
One of the elements of the strategic cooperation between Belarus and China is the project to build the Chinese -Belarusian Park Great Stone. The Park is the most important and exemplary joint project. Read
[18-08-2016 12:45]:  Belarus
Moscow hosting Grodno Region exhibition
Grodno Region has become a host of Moscow's All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) for a couple of days. Here, an exhibition, Grodno Region for Muscovites, opened at the Republic of Belarus pavilion on 18 August. Read
[18-08-2016 12:39]:  Belarus
Belarusian Kuzlitmash to set up joint venture with Russian Donpressmash
The Pinsk-based machine tool manufacturer OAO Kuzlitmash intends to set up a joint venture with the Russian press manufacturer Donpressmash soon. This idea was applauded by the managing company of the holding company BelAZ, which the Pinsk-based enterprise is part of.  Read
[18-08-2016 10:28]:  Belarus
Belarus to hold auction to sell 16 buildings at Rechitsapivo brewery
Belarus is due to hold an auction on September 8 to sell 16 building and some other property owned by Rechitsapivo brewery (Gomel Region). Read
[18-08-2016 10:03]:  Belarus
Belarus’ petrol supplies to Russia grow 19 times month on month in July to 27,034 tonnes
Belarus’ petrol exports to Russia grew 19 times month on month in July 2016 to 27,034 tonnes. The sharp increase in petrol supplies from Belarus to Russia was prompted by a decline in petrol prices in the Belarusian market. Read
[18-08-2016 09:55]:  Belarus
State-owned stake in Slootsk sugar refinery grows from 25.4% to 51%
OAO Slootsk sugar refinery’s shareholders adopted a resolution on Aug 12, 2016 to increase the state-Owned stake from 25.4% to 51%. Read
[18-08-2016 09:47]:  Belarus
Belarus’ Grodno Azot receiving German-made equipment for nitric acid plant
Belarus’ chemical company OAO Grodno Azot has been receiving equipment made by Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solution to be installed at a new nitric acid plant, which is currently under construction. Read
[18-08-2016 09:40]:  Belarus
Belarus’ potash exports to Poland up 43% in Jan-Jun 2016 to 69,288 tonnes
Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) shipped 69,288 tonnes of potash fertilizers to Poland in Jan-Jun 2016, up 43% year on year. Read
[18-08-2016 09:33]:  Belarus
Lease purchases of dwellings by individuals: ASB Leasing cuts lease interest rate to 21%
ASB Leasing Ltd, the leasing arm of OAO Belarusbank, has reduced by 4 percentage points to 21% per annum the interest rate for lease purchases of dwellings by individuals. Read
[18-08-2016 09:27]:  Belarus
Belarus extends excise tax preferences for liquor producers
Belarus-based manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and beer are free to choose when to pay excise taxes to the state budget: after they ship goods to consumers, or after receiving payment for the goods shipped.  Read
[18-08-2016 09:20]:  Belarus
Belarus’ capital investments down 20.6% in Jan-Jul 2016 to Br9.2bn
Belarus’ fixed-capital investments and investments in construction reduced 20.6% on the year in January-July 2016 to Br9.2 billion ($4.8 billion). Read
[18-08-2016 09:15]:  Belarus
Belarus’ GDP down 2.7% in Jan-Jul 2016
Belarus’ gross domestic product (GDP) reduced by 2.7% on the year in January-July 2016 to 52.6 billion Belarusian rubles ($27.1 billion at the central bank’s exchange rate). Read
[17-08-2016 11:26]:  Belarus
China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone, Suzhou industrial park ink cooperation agreement
The China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone and the Suzhou industrial park have signed a cooperation agreement. The sides discussed a large number of matters concerning trade and economic interaction, including cooperation in the industrial sector, agriculture, investments, science and educatation Read
[17-08-2016 10:37]:  Belarus
Belarusian Energy and Ecology Forum to take place in Minsk on 11-14 October
The 21st Belarusian Energy and Ecology Forum will take place in Minsk on 11-14 October. Apart from that, the fifth Belarusian-German Energy Forum will take place in Minsk on 11 October to continue the tradition of successful organization of bilateral energy forums.  Read
[17-08-2016 10:03]:  Belarus
Preparations to sell Hotel Belarus in Grodno
Grodno authorities are making preparations to convert the state-owned Hotel Belarus into an open joint stock companies and sell a stake to an investor. Read
[17-08-2016 10:00]:  Belarus
Belarus, Latvia due to hold business forum Sep 16
Belarus and Latvia are due to hold a business forum in Riga on September 16 to discus cooperation in transportation and logistics, digital economy, exchange trade in goods, access to the financial market. Read
[17-08-2016 09:51]:  Belarus
Belarus introduces temporary licences on imported gypsum products
Single use import licences will be used to give the green light to supplies of gypsum products (EEU FEACN 6809 11 000 0 and 6809 19 000 0) from countries other than member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, if the goods are intended for domestic consumption. Read
[17-08-2016 09:29]:  Belarus
Growing demand among corporate customers to get bank credits refinanced
Under tricky economic conditions, more corporate customers turn to banks with requests to extend loan repayment timelines and make payment schedules more comfortable. The highest demand for credit refinancing is among small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). Read
[17-08-2016 09:23]:  Belarus
Belarus-based companies, self-employed businessmen get Br261.69m in state support in H1 2016
The Finance Ministry says Belarus-based companies and self-employed businessmen received get Br261.69 million ($134.324m) in state support from the central budget in H1 2016. Read
[17-08-2016 09:19]:  Belarus
Belarusian companies produce Br1.892bn net profit in H1 2016
Belarusian companies (except for banks, insurance and state-funded companies, micro- and small-sized companies without departmental affiliation) earned a net profit worth Br1.892 billion in Jan-Jun 2016, compared to a net profit worth Br 2.385 billion in Jan-Jun 2015. Read
[16-08-2016 11:11]:  Belarus
Belarus hopes to restore its dairy supplies to Russia soon
The Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry hopes restrictions on the delivery of Belarusian dairy products to the Russian market will be lifted soon. Special working groups have been set up to address the current issues.  Read
[16-08-2016 10:52]:  Belarus
Belarusian-Chinese commission on economic cooperation to convene on 16 August
The second session of the Belarusian-Chinese commission on trade and economic cooperation will be held in China on 16 August. During the meetings the parties will discuss the prospects for development of bilateral cooperation in investment, finance and manufacturing, mutual trade, major projects. Read
[16-08-2016 09:57]:  Belarus
Belarus’ peat briquette output up 21.6% to 374,400 tonnes
Belarus produced 374,400 peat briquettes in Jan-June 2016, up 21.6% year on year. As of August 4, 2016 peat output totalled 1.303 million tonnes, or 82.3% of the 2016 target. Read
[16-08-2016 09:48]:  Belarus
Belarus’ oil products export to Poland up 4.26 times to 326,339 tonnes in H1 2016
Belarus’ proceeds from exports of petroleum products to Poland grew 2.19 times year on year in January-June 2016 to $111.3 million. Belarus exported to Poland 326,339 tonnes of petroleum products in January-June 2016, up 4.26 times year on year. Read
[16-08-2016 09:42]:  Belarus
EEC sets zero import duty on light helicopters
The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has ruled to temporarily reduce to 0% customs duties on imported helicopters (gross tare weight less than 1,000 kilos) and piston aircraft engines (max capacity – 200kW) for light aircraft under 2 tonnes. Read
[16-08-2016 09:33]:  Belarus
Bobruisk tractor units plant plans to ship 200 Belarus-421 tractors to Indonesia till late 2016
The Belarusian state-owned Bobruisk tractor units plant, based in Mogilev Region, plans to make a contact till the end of 2016 to ship two hundred Belarus-421 series tractors to Indonesia. Read

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