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[26-09-2014 10:12]:  Belarus
Belarus ups cigarette prices
Belarus is increasing the prices of Viceroy blue and Viceroy Red cigarettes by 2.75% to Br11,200 per pack ($6.06), the Ministry of Taxes and Duties reported. Read
[26-09-2014 10:09]:  Belarus
Belarus to reduce export duties on oil, oil products as from 1 October
As from 1 October Belarus will reduce export duties on oil and oil products, which are exported beyond the Customs Union in line with Council of Ministers executive order No. 911 of 23 September 2014, BelTA has learned. Read
[26-09-2014 10:00]:  Belarus
Enterprise in Belarus to bottle premium quality Moldovan wine
Plans have been made to set up an enterprise in Belarus to bottle Moldovan wines supplied by Cricova, which is an internationally recognized wine trademark, BelTA learned from Cricova Director Valentin Bodiul. Read
[26-09-2014 09:54]:  Belarus
Cyprus company to invest in Minsk-Mir construction
In accordance with the presidential decree, the construction of Minsk-Mir complex will be sponsored by a foreign investor, Triworsl Limited (Cyprus). Read
[26-09-2014 09:48]:  Belarus
Premier: Belarus to cut corporate loan rates
Belarus is going to reduce loan rates for businesses, Vice Premier Petr Prokopovich reported on Thursday. Read
[26-09-2014 09:43]:  Belarus
Belarus, Russia governments approve $1.55bn loan
The governments of Russia and Belarus have approved a $1.55 billion loan that will be allocated to the Belarusian government for a period of five years. Read
[26-09-2014 09:36]:  Belarus
Belarus to offer more support to SMEs
Belarus is planning to expand the financial support of small and medium enterprises in 2015.  Read
[26-09-2014 09:30]:  Belarus
Belarus’ sugar export proceeds down 20.4% in Jan-Jul 2014 to $174.987m
Belarus’ sugar export proceeds reduced 20.4% year on year in January-July 2014 to $174.987 million, a source in the profile ministry told Prime-TASS. Read
[25-09-2014 15:14]:  Belarus
Cooperation of Belarusian, Moldovan winemakers cited as effective example of import substitution
Cooperation between Belarusian and Moldovan winemakers is a concrete example of effective import substitution, BelTA learned from Ivan Trotsky, Director General of ZAO Minsk Grape Wines Factory (Ambassador trademark), who took part in the Belarusian-Moldovan business forum in Chisinau. Read
[25-09-2014 14:11]:  Belarus
Moldova ready to increase food supplies to Belarus
Moldova is ready to increase the supplies of agricultural, horticultural and winemaking products to Belarus, President of Moldova Nicolae Timofti told media after his talks with Belarusian head of state Alexander Lukashenko in Chisinau on 24 September, BelTA has learned. Read
[25-09-2014 09:46]:  Belarus
Belarus, Moldova determine cooperation avenues to export more to European Union, CIS
Belarus and Moldova will create a joint working group that will continue consultations on bilateral trade and economic cooperation in view of Moldova's signing a free trade agreement with the European Union.  Read
[25-09-2014 09:36]:  Belarus
Belarus, Moldova to step up cooperation in power engineering
Belarus and Moldova are in favor of stepping up cooperation in the area of power engineering. The relevant matters were discussed during the meeting of Belarusian Vice Prime Minister Mikhail Rusyi and Vice Prime Minister, Economy Minister of Moldova Andrian Candu in Chisinau on 24 September Read
[25-09-2014 09:20]:  Belarus
Belarusian Metal Plant’s shipments up 4.9% on yr in Jan-Aug 2014
Product shipments by Zhlobin-based Belarusian Metallurgical Plant (BMZ) stood at 1.643 million tonnes in January-August 2014, up 4.9% on the year, an official with the plant told PRIME-TASS. Read
[25-09-2014 09:12]:  Belarus
Belarus’ exports of milk, condensed cream down 18.6% in Jan-Jul to $407.882m
Belarus’ exports of milk and condensed cream reduced 18.6% year on year in January-July 2014 to $407.882 million, Belstat said in a report. Read
[24-09-2014 17:10]:  Belarus
Four big contracts signed at Belarus-Moldova business forum in Chisinau
Four contracts with big companies of Belarus and Moldova were signed at the Belarusian-Moldavian business forum in Chisinau on 24 September, BelTA has learned. Read
[24-09-2014 16:05]:  Belarus
Belarus ready to increase trade with Moldova up to $700m
Belarus-Moldova trade may reach $500 million in 2014 while there are plans to raise the figure up to $700 million and more in the future. The statement was made by Vice Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Rusyi at the Belarusian-Moldovan business forum in Chisinau, BelTA has learned. Read
[24-09-2014 15:48]:  Belarus
Chisinau hosting Belarus-Moldova business forum
Partaking in the forum are over 40 Belarusian companies representing various economic sectors: mechanical engineering, agriculture and oil refinery. Moldova is represented at the event by more than 100 companies. Read
[24-09-2014 10:50]:  Belarus
Ukrainian Railways cut tariffs on Belarusian oil products bound for Ukrainian port Oct 1 – Dec 31
The Ukrainian Railway Company has reduced tariffs on Belarusian petroleum products bound for Ukrainian ports, a source in the profile ministry told Prime-TASS. Read
[24-09-2014 10:36]:  Belarus
Belarus’ hard liquor exports up 91.3% to $45.409m in Jan-Jul 2014
Belarus’ hard liquor exports grew 91.3% year on year in January-July 2014 to $45.409 million, the National Statistical Committee (Belstat) said in a report. Read
[24-09-2014 09:24]:  Belarus
Belarus, FAO ink country cooperation program
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Belarus have signed a country program for 2014-2016 with the total budget for technical aid projects at $3.1 million, BelTA has learned. Read
[24-09-2014 09:19]:  Belarus
Belarus, Mongolia to more actively promote contacts in industry, agriculture
Belarus and Mongolia have agreed to more actively promote contacts in industry and agriculture, the press service of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry told BelTA. Read
[24-09-2014 09:15]:  Belarus
Myasnikovich views Belarus-U.S. investment forum in New York as successful
Belarusian Premier Mikhail Myasnikovich considers the first Belarusian-U.S. investment forum in New York as successful. The PM made this statement as he talked to the media after the visit of the Belarusian delegation to the United States, BelTA has learned. Read
[23-09-2014 14:11]:  Belarus
MAZ-MAN to ship all-wheel-drive dump trucks, truck tractors to Western Siberia
The joint venture ZAO MAZ-MAN will ship 15 dump trucks MAZ-MAN 756539 and ten truck tractors MAZ-MAN 646539 with a 6x6 wheel formula to Western Siberia where the vehicles will be used to build roads across oil fields. Read
[23-09-2014 14:00]:  Belarus
MTZ Equipment Ltd. Vice President: Belarus might boost tractor supplies to USA
Belarus might increase tractor supplies to the U.S. market, BelTA learned from Arie Prilik, Vice President of MTZ Equipment Ltd., an exclusive distributor of Belarus-made MTZ tractors in the U.S. and Canada. Read
[23-09-2014 09:25]:  Belarus
EEC sets zero customs duty on imported forging equipment for aviation industry
The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has ruled to set a zero customs duty on forging and stamping equipment imported to Customs Union states (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) for the needs of the aviation industry.  Read
[23-09-2014 09:21]:  Belarus
Belarus’ MTZ supplies 769 tractors to Egypt in Jan-Aug
Belarus’ state-owned Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ) exported 769 tractors to Egypt in January-August 2014, up 2.43 times year on year, the company said in a release. Read
[23-09-2014 09:18]:  Belarus
Belarus’ Polotsk-Steklovolokno basalt fibre capacity up 60% to 400 tonnes per day
Belarus’ OAO Polotsk-Steklovolokno (a glass fibre company located in Polotsk, Vitebsk Region) has increased its basalt fibre production capacity by 60% to 400 tonnes per day, the company administration told Prime-TASS. Read
[23-09-2014 09:14]:  Belarus
Belarus ups imports of soft drinks, mineral water in Jan-Jul 2014
Belarus increased imports of soft drinks and mineral water in January-July 2014, according to the State Customs Committee. Read
[23-09-2014 09:08]:  Belarus
Belarus’ beer import down 15/yr in Jan-Jul 2014 to 7.638 m decaliters
Belarusian imports of beer increased 15% on the year in January-July 2014 to 7.638 decaliters, amounting to $41.539 million in value terms (down 26% year on year), according to customs statistics. Read
[22-09-2014 16:39]:  Belarus
Expert: Every opportunity in Belarus for successful work of foreign investors
Belarus provides every opportunity for successful work of foreign investors, participant of the Belarus-U.S. Business Cooperation Council Dmitry Sadykov, a counselor of Culligan International (one of the U.S. biggest transnational corporations), told BelTA. Read

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