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29th GeMin 2015

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[16-10-2015 10:37]:  Belarus
Belarus reports 2% drop in car imports in Jan-Aug 2015
Belarus’ imports of motorcars reached 63,182 vehicles in January-August 2015, down 2% year on year, worth U.S. $638.815 million, down 10% year on year in monetary terms, according to the National Statistics Committee. Read
[16-10-2015 09:17]:  Belarus
Belarus’ cell phone import up 5%/yr in Jan-Aug 2015 to 1.173m
Belarus’ cell phone import grew 5% on the year in January-August 2015 to 1.173 million units ($82.245 million – down 30% year on year), according to preliminary customs statistics data. Read
[15-10-2015 09:44]:  Belarus
Russia’s Global Bus, Passazhiravtotrans make deal to supply 80 MAZ city buses to St Petersburg
Russia’s Global Bus Ltd (the official dealer of Belarus’ MAZ in St Petersburg) has made a contract with Passazhiravtotrans to supply 80 MAZ city buses (the MAZ 203085 series) to St Petersburg, a MAZ press officer told Prime-TASS. Read
[15-10-2015 09:35]:  Belarus
Belarus’ grape wine import at 3.288m dal in Jan-Aug 2015, up 1%/yr
Belarus’ imports of grape wine grew 1% year-on-year in January-August 2015 to 3.288 million decaliters, according to official statistical reports. Read
[15-10-2015 09:31]:  Belarus
Belarus’ juice import down 8%/yr in Jan-Aug 2015 to 24,860 tns
Belarus’ juice import reduced 8% on the year in Jan-Aug 2015 to 24,860 tonnes. According to official statistical reports, in value terms, juice imports amounted to U.S. $24.098 million, down 22%. Read
[14-10-2015 11:19]:  Belarus
Transport Ministry: Belarus seeks to establish working contacts with ECAC
It is important for Belarus to establish working contacts with the European Civil Aviation Conference (European Civil Aviation Conference - ECAC), Belarus' First Deputy Minister of Transport and Communication Yevgeny Rogachev said.  Read
[14-10-2015 11:15]:  Belarus
Annual economic effect of Belarusian power grid modernization close to $200m
The economic effect secured by the modernization of the Belarusian power grid will be close to $200 million per year, BelTA learned from Belarusian Energy Minister Vladimir Potupchik during the solemn opening ceremony of the 20th Belarusian Energy and Ecology Forum on 13 October.  Read
[14-10-2015 11:13]:  Belarus
Belarus mulls over electricity exports to Poland, Baltic states
Belarus is mulling over electricity exports to Poland and the Baltic states, Belarus' Energy Minister Vladimir Potupchik said at the official opening ceremony of the 20th Belarusian Energy and Ecology Forum on 13 October, BelTA has learned.  Read
[14-10-2015 11:02]:  Belarus
Biggest contract of Austrian-Belarusian-Russian business forum in Minsk at $300m
The largest contract to be signed during the Austrian-Belarusian-Russian business forum in Minsk will reach $300 million, BelTA learned from Alexander Nakhayenko, First Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on 13 October. Read
[14-10-2015 10:59]:  Belarus
Christoph Leitl: Austria-Belarus-Russia business forum will give boost to EU-EEU cooperation
The Austrian-Belarusian-Russian business forum will give a boost to the cooperation between the European Union (EU) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, told media on 13 October, BelTA informs.  Read
[14-10-2015 10:57]:  Belarus
Rapota: Austria is an active investor in Belarus, Russia
Austria is an active investor in the economic sectors of Belarus and Russia, State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota told media ahead of the second Austrian-Belarusian-Russian Business Forum in Minsk on 13 October, BelTA informs.  Read
[14-10-2015 10:09]:  Belarus
New Silk Road: Poland interested in coordinating efforts with Belarus
Poland would be interested in coordinating activities with Belarus in the framework of the New Silk Road Project, Prime-TASS has learnt from Elzbieta Bodio, Director of the International Cooperation Department at Poland’s Ministry of the Economy. Read
[14-10-2015 10:01]:  Belarus
Railway companies of Belarus, Lithuania agree to keep transit tariffs unchanged in 2016
Belarus Railway Company and Lithuanian Railways have agreed not to raise transit freight tariffs in 2016, Prime-TASS has learnt from Stasis Gudvalis, Director of the Cargo Transportation Department at Lithuanian Railways. Read
[14-10-2015 09:52]:  Belarus
High Tech Park administration authorized to lease offices, equipment, software products
The Government of Belarus has authorized the administration of the High Tech Park (HTP) to lease out HTP-based real estate (both proprietary and leased), competing equipment and software products. Read
[14-10-2015 09:24]:  Belarus
Belarus imports less mineral, soft drinks in Jan-Aug 2015
Belarus decreased imports of mineral water and soft drinks year on year in Jan-Aug 2015, Belstat said in a release. Read
[13-10-2015 09:27]:  Belarus
Belarus’ beer import down 20%/yr in Jan-Aug 2014 to 6.901m dal
Belarusian imports of beer decreased 20% on the year in Jan-Aug 2015 to 6.601 million decaliters, amounting to $26.721 million in value terms (down 45% year on year), according to customs statistics.  Read
[12-10-2015 09:31]:  Belarus
Belarus reports $1.436bn foreign trade surplus in Jan-Aug 2015
Belarus’ foreign trade surplus totalled $1.436 billion in January-August 2015, compared to a $660.1 million surplus in January-August 2014, the National Bank of Belarus said in an online report. Read
[09-10-2015 11:37]:  Belarus
Kommunarka’s net profit up 6.5% to $1.043m in H1 2015
Belarus’ largest confectionery OAO Kommunarka reported a net income of Br18.467 billion ($1.043 million) in H1 2015, up 6.5% year on year, according to a report by the Finance Ministry’s Department for bonds and securities. Read
[08-10-2015 09:33]:  Belarus
Belarus’ Belzarubezhstroy, VST Building Technologies AG launch production of cement-bonded particleboards in Krichev
Belarus’ Belzarubezhstroy civil engineering company and Austria’s VST Building Technologies AG have launched a factory in Krichev (Mogilev Oblast) to produce cement-bonded particleboards, Prime-TASS reports. Read
[08-10-2015 09:25]:  Belarus
Belarus relaxes licence requirements for wholesale traders in alcohol, tobaccos
Belarus has cancelled the mandatory requirement for privately-owned wholesale traders in alcohol and tobacco products to have a state-owned stake of at least 25%. A presidential decree to this effect was released on October 6, 2015.  Read
[07-10-2015 11:28]:  Belarus
Belarus-Lithuania rail freight traffic up 9.44% to 11.3m tonnes in Jan-Aug
Rail freight traffic between Belarus and Lithuania grew 9.44% year on year in January-August 2015 to reach 11.3 million tonnes. Read
[07-10-2015 11:25]:  Belarus
Belarus-China Great Stone Park covered by 2020 logistics development programme
The 2020 logistics development programme, which is now being prepared in Belarus, takes into account the facilities of the Great Stone Industrial Park. Read
[06-10-2015 15:42]:  Belarus
Belarus, Russia's Sakhalin Oblast to prepare action plan for economic cooperation by 2015 year-end
Belarus and Russia's Sakhalin Oblast will prepare an action plan for the development of trade and economic cooperation in 2016-2018 by the end of the year.  Read
[06-10-2015 15:19]:  Belarus
Glassworks Neman launches exports to Indonesia, Israel, Switzerland, New Zealand
OAO Glassworks Neman (the city of Berezovka) has started exporting its glass and crystal products to Indonesia, Israel, Switzerland and New Zealand, BelTA learnt from head of the sales department of Glassworks Neman Oksana Opanasenko. Read
[06-10-2015 15:12]:  Belarus
Belarus, Serbia may start joint production of goods for third-country markets
Serbian companies are interested in cooperating with Belarusian enterprises in production of goods for the markets of third countries, Chairman of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Industry Milivoje Miletic told journalists ahead of the opening of the Days of Business Cooperation between Serbian  Read
[06-10-2015 09:42]:  Belarus
Belarusian Metal Plant launches new rolling mill
OAO Belarusian Metallurgical Plant (BMZ) has launched its long product rolling mill #2 with an estimated capacity to manufacture 700,000 tonnes of products a year. Read
[06-10-2015 09:39]:  Belarus
Belarus exports $19.9m worth of fibreboard in Jan-Aug 2015
Companies controlled by Belarus’ timber and paper industries concern Bellesbumprom exported $19.9 million worth of fibreboard in January-August 2015. Read
[05-10-2015 09:51]:  Belarus
Govt, CIFAL Group discuss project to build second runway at Minsk Airport
Belarus would be interested in cooperation with France’s CIFAL Group in the project to build a second runway at Minsk Airport. Read
[05-10-2015 09:35]:  Belarus
Great Stone to become foothold for creating Silk Road Economic Belt
The Great Stone Industrial Park, which is currently under development in Belarus with the help of Chinese investments, will become a foothold for creating the Silk Road Economic Belt in the Eurasian Region Read
[02-10-2015 16:11]:  Belarus
Slovakia views Belarus as promising partner in innovations sector
Slovakia views Belarus as a promising and reliable partner for cooperation in the area of science and innovations, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of Slovakia Rastislav Chovanec told media  Read

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