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[07-03-2014 09:36]:  Belarus
Belarus to cut purchase of agricultural machinery 2.2-fold
Belarus is going to reduce the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment 2.2-fold down to Br2.52 trillion in 2014, in accordance with presidential decree No.108 dated March 3, 2014. Read
[06-03-2014 10:31]:  Belarus
Olivaria to invest Br50 bn in production facilities
OJSC Olivaria Brewery is planning to invest over Br50 bn in the modernisation of its production facilities, Director General Denis Sherstennikov told reporters on Wednesday. Read
[06-03-2014 10:25]:  Belarus
Belarus’ juice import up 42%/yr in Jan 2014 to 2,313 tns
Belarus’ juice import grew 42% on the year in January 2014 to 2,313 tonnes.  Read
[06-03-2014 10:15]:  Belarus
Belarus’ beer import up 10%/yr in Jan 2014 to 755,265 decaliters
Belarusian imports of beer increased 10% on the year in January 2014 to 755,265 decaliters, amounting to $4.216 million in value terms, down 7%, according to customs statistics. Read
[06-03-2014 09:29]:  Belarus
Belarus’ Tabak-Invest cuts cigarette output 2.4% in Jan-Feb 2014
Belarus’ privately-owned OOO Tabak-Invest, based in Minsk, decreased the output of tobaccos by 2.4% in January-February 2014 to 1.2 billion pieces, an official with Belgospischeprom concern told Prime-TASS. Read
[05-03-2014 09:35]:  Belarus
Belarus’ lease portfolio up 18.3% in 2013 to Br25.145tn
The total value of lease contracts made in Belarus in 2013 expanded by 18.3% year on year to Br25.145 trillion ($2.57 billion), Belarus’ National Statistics Committee (Belstat) said in its annual thematic overview of the country’s leasing market. Read
[05-03-2014 09:25]:  Belarus
Belarus’ butter export proceeds at $373.9m in 2013
Belarus exported $373.9 million worth of butter in 2013, up 18.4%, a source in the profile ministry told Prime-TASS. Read
[04-03-2014 09:24]:  Belarus
Belarus to mark imported alcohol with excise stamps at customs warehouses
Imported alcohol beverages subject to customs control shall be marked with excise stamps abroad or at Belarus’ customs warehouses. Read
[04-03-2014 09:15]:  Belarus
Belarus cuts export duties on oil, oil products on Mar 1
Belarus reduced its export duties on oil and oil products starting March 1, according to a corresponding ruling by the Belarusian government. Read
[03-03-2014 17:33]:  Belarus
Belarus ready to transfer BelAZ technical data to Russia’s Kemerovo
Belarus is ready to provide the know-how documents for 130-tonne and 160-tonne BelAZ dump trucks to partners in Russia’s Kemerovo Region. Read
[03-03-2014 17:32]:  Belarus
Belarus radically raises cost of ID stamps for commodities
Belarus has raised the cost of ID stamps, which are used to mark different types of commodities, by 25% - 41.7 times, following resolution #3 of February 5, 2014 adopted by the Ministry of Finance. Read
[03-03-2014 17:32]:  Belarus
Belarus banks’ loan portfolio up 20.3% to Br297.483tn in Jan 2014
Belarusian banks’ loan portfolio increased 20.3% year on year in January 2014 to the equivalent of 297.483 trillion Belarusian rubles (Br) as of February 1, 2014, or U.S. $30.5 billion at the official exchange rate of the central bank, according to the National Bank of Belarus (NBB). Read
[03-03-2014 17:31]:  Belarus
Belarus’ manufacturing industries attract $151.5m in FDI in 2013
Companies controlled by Belarus’ Ministry of Industry attracted $151.5 million in direct foreign investments in 2013, up 50% year on year. Read
[03-03-2014 17:31]:  Belarus
Belarus’ cargo traffic down 6.2% in Jan 2014 to 32.966m tonnes
Belarus’ cargo traffic by all means of transport declined by 6.2% year on year in January 2014 down to 32.966 million tonnes, the National Statistics Committee of Belarus said in a report. Read
[03-03-2014 17:30]:  Belarus
Belarus’ beer output down 5%/yr in January 2014 to 3.004 m dal
Belarus’ beer output decreased 5% on the year in January 2014 to 3.004 million decaliters, a Belstat official told Prime-TASS. Read
[03-03-2014 17:29]:  Belarus
China-Belarus Industrial Park to host Chinese, Romanian, Russian and Latvian companies
The China-Belarus Industrial Park is likely to host Chinese, Romanian, Russian and Latvian companies. Read
[03-03-2014 17:28]:  Belarus
EEC temporarily removes duties for plumbum ore, lead concentrate
The Eurasian Economic Commission has approved the complete removal of the import duty levied on plumbum ore, lead concentrate with minimum lead content of 45%. Read
[03-03-2014 17:09]:  Belarus
Legalized parallel import believed able to reduce prices in Single Economic Space
Addressing the issue of parallel import will be able to greatly reduce prices for automobile components, sport goods, perfumery and a lot of other kinds of merchandise, BelTA learned from Alexander Kurilchik. Read
[03-03-2014 16:23]:  Belarus
Kurilchik: Belarusian enterprises need to prepare to work according to rules of free competition
Economic entities need to prepare to work in the Single Economic Space according to the rules of free competition. Read
[03-03-2014 16:14]:  Belarus
Belneftekhim’s trade surplus triples since 2011
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met with Chairman of Belneftekhim Concern Igor Zhilin to receive his regular report on 3 March, BelTA learnt from the presidential press service.  Read
[28-02-2014 10:52]:  Belarus
Belarus suspends import of cattle from Germany
Belarus has suspended the import of cattle from Germany, BelTA learned from the department for veterinary and food supervision at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus. Read
[28-02-2014 10:52]:  Belarus
Belarus to reduce oil export duties on 1 March
As from 1 AMrch 2014 Belarus will reduce export duties on oil and oil products exported outside the customs territory of the Customs Union. Read
[28-02-2014 10:48]:  Belarus
NBB’s currency rates as of February 28, 2014
The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) set on February 27 the following exchange rates of the Belarusian ruble (Br) against foreign currencies for February 28, 2014. Read
[28-02-2014 10:48]:  Belarus
Belarusian timber and paper industries’ output up 0.7% in 2013
Companies controlled by Belarus’ timber and paper industries concern Bellesbumprom increased output by 0.7% in 2013 to Br8.8 trillion. Read
[28-02-2014 10:48]:  Belarus
Spuhler: Belarus-Swiss OAO Stadler Minsk to release first products in April
The Fanipol-based facility of Belarus-Swiss OAO Stadler Minsk will release its first products in April 2014.  Read
[28-02-2014 10:48]:  Belarus
Belarus’ crude oil imports down 2.4% in 2013
Belarus decreased crude oil imports by 2.4% on the year to 21.1 million tonnes in January-December 2013. Read
[28-02-2014 10:48]:  Belarus
Belarus imports 20.3bn cubic metres of natural gas in 2013
Belarus imported 20.3 billion cubic metres of natural gas from Russia in January-December 2013. Read
[27-02-2014 09:29]:  Belarus
NBB’s currency rates as of February 27, 2014
The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) set on February 26 the following exchange rates of the Belarusian ruble (Br) against foreign currencies for February 27, 2014. Read
[27-02-2014 09:29]:  Belarus
Belarus decreases output of alcoholic beverages in Jan 2014
Belarus decreased the output of all kinds of alcoholic beverages year on year in January 2014, except sparkling wines. Read
[27-02-2014 09:29]:  Belarus
Belarusian Potash Company makes a deal with China to supply mineral fertilizer
Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) has signed a contract to deliver potash fertilizers to China. Read

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