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[12-07-2016 09:51]:  Belarus
Belarus suspends Russia-bound exports of dairy/livestock products by certain companies
Russia’s Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Oversight Service (Rosselkhoznadzor) reports Belarus has temporarily suspended supplies of dairy and livestock products to Russia from several companies. Read
[12-07-2016 09:46]:  Belarus
Gomel Chemical Plant’s net profit up 64.5% in Jan-Mar 2015 to Br13.423m
Belarus-based OAO Gomel Chemical Plant has reported a net profit of Br13.423 billion ($6.693m) in Jan-Mar 2015, up 64.5% year on year. Read
[12-07-2016 09:42]:  Belarus
Govt freezes Belarusian companies’ debt for electricity, gas supplies, offers respite till 2017
The debt for electricity and gas supplies, which remained unsettled by Belarusian companies as of Jan 1, 2016, will be denominated in Belarusian rubles and frozen, penalties for late payment abolished. Read
[12-07-2016 09:38]:  Belarus
Belarus’ self-employed businessmen suggest time-based social security tax
Self-employed businessmen want to pay the social security tax only when they are actively engaged in business activities and make no payments during the low season. Read
[12-07-2016 09:33]:  Belarus
Belarus reports 0.4% inflation growth in June 2016
Belarus saw a 0.4% inflation growth in June 2016 and 7.4% in January-June 2016. To compare, in January 2016 Belarus’ consumer prices grew 1.9%, February – 2.9%, March – 0.8%, April – 0.7%, May – 0.5%. Read
[11-07-2016 13:48]:  Belarus
Myasnikovich: Product quality, competitive price will help Belaruskali retain global market position
OAO Belaruskali will retain its position on the global potash market as long as it offers high-quality products at a competitive price. Read
[11-07-2016 13:47]:  Belarus
French companies may supply Belarusian equipment to Africa
A French delegation is currently on a visit to Minsk. French guests have come to visit such big companies as MAZ, Amkodor, BelAZ and hold talks on the possible export of Belarusian equipment to the African market. Read
[11-07-2016 10:37]:  Belarus
Belarus' farm export earnings up by $90m in January-May 2016
In January-May 2016, the export earnings of Belarusian agricultural enterprises grew by $90 million. Read
[11-07-2016 10:06]:  Belarus
OAO Bellakt reports net loss of Br977,600 in Q1 2016
Belarus’ OAO Bellakt (Volkovysk, Grodno Region) earned a net loss worth Br977,600 ($488,000) in Jan-Mar 2016, compared to a net profit of Br1.568 million ($784,000) in Q1 2015. Read
[11-07-2016 10:02]:  Belarus
Vitebsk’s OAO Moloko reports Br1.668 net loss in Q1 2016
OAO Moloko dairy company based in Vitebsk produced a net loss worth Br1.668 million ($832,000) in January-March 2016, up 5.8 times year on year. Read
[11-07-2016 09:56]:  Belarus
Belarus to adjust time-based electricity tariffs
Belarus’ government has been authorized to adjust electricity tariffs selectively with regard to time-based criteria. Read
[11-07-2016 09:51]:  Belarus
Report: Belarus’ 2015 freeloader tax proceeds total $500,000
Belarus’ freeloaders (citizens who take part in the financing of state expenditures less than 183 days a year) voluntarily paid to the state budget Br900,000 ($447,300) in 2015. Read
[11-07-2016 09:38]:  Belarus
Belarus plans to tax e-services provided by non-resident companies 1 Jan 2017
Belarus’ tax authorities plan to impose a tax on e-services (mobile apps, music files, e-books, movies, e-games) purchased by Belarusians from non-resident providers. Read
[11-07-2016 09:29]:  Belarus
Bill: Belarus to sell/lease insolvent state-owned farms
Belarus authorities have given the green light to selling or leasing insolvent state-owned farms and agricultural companies.  Read
[08-07-2016 14:57]:  Belarus
Belarus, Russia's Kaliningrad Region to set up joint ventures to produce metal structures
Belarus intends to establish joint ventures with Russia's Kaliningrad Region to produce metal structures for the construction industry of the Russian region. Read
[08-07-2016 11:09]:  Belarus
Mogilev Region, Jiangsu Province intend to bolster economic ties
Mogilev Region and Jiangsu Province of China intend to deepen economic relations. The Governor of Mogilev Region invited the Chinese side to consider a number of investment projects. Read
[08-07-2016 10:25]:  Belarus
Stretching deadlines one more time: Lukashenko extends tax preferences for Kempinski Hotel project till late 2018
Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko has extended the timeline of the Kempinski Hotel construction project in Minsk till late 2018, in accordance with ordinance No. 255 of July 5, 2016. Read
[08-07-2016 10:24]:  Belarus
Belarusian tractors, harvesters showcased at Day of the Field in Russia
Belarusian tractors, harvesters and other machinery were put on display at the Moscow Region Day of the Field that was held at OOO New Agrarian Technologies in Zaraysk Municipal District. Read
[08-07-2016 10:17]:  Belarus
Belarus to cancel limits export of fuel by individuals Sep 1
The Belarusian government on September 1, 2016 will cancel limits on export of fuel beyond the Customs Union by individuals. The government of Belarus adopted a resolution to this effect on July 1, 2016 and made it public on July 7, 2016. Read
[08-07-2016 09:52]:  Belarus
Belgips reports Br236.6m net loss in Q1 2016, down 3 times
The net loss of OAO Belgips totalled Br236.6 million in Q1 2016, which makes an equivalent of $117.987 million, up 3 times year on year. Read
[08-07-2016 09:47]:  Belarus
Belshina reports Br44.679m net loss Q1 in 2016
OAO Belshina (Bobruisk, Mogilev Region) earned a net loss of Br44.679 million ($22.363m at the official exchange rate) in Q1 2016, to compare with a net profit of Br65,400 ($32,749) in Q1 2015. Read
[08-07-2016 09:43]:  Belarus
BelAZ reports Br901,400 net profit in Q1 2016
The net profit of OAO Belarusian Automobile Plant (BelAZ) totalled Br 901,400 in Q1 2016, which makes an equivalent of $451,174, up 3.1 times year on year. Read
[08-07-2016 09:40]:  Belarus
Alfa-Bank (Belarus) becomes agent bank to pay compensations on credit interest payments to non-resident banks
Alfa-Bank (Belarus) has been included into the register of agent banks authorized by the Finance Ministry of Belarus to compensate for credit interest payments to non-resident banks.  Read
[08-07-2016 09:36]:  Belarus
Belarus’ insurance companies collect Br407.72m in premiums Jan-May 2016, up 22.7% on the year
Belarusian insurance companies increased collection of direct and co-insurance premiums by 22.7% on the year in January-May 2016 to 407.72 million Belarusian rubles (Br) ($202.252 million at the NBB rate). Read
[08-07-2016 09:31]:  Belarus
NBB supports idea to create wage guarantee fund to mitigate consequences of bankruptcy for personnel
The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) has supported the idea of creating a guarantee fund, which is supposed to act as a safety cushion in case bankrupt companies should default on wage payments. Read
[08-07-2016 09:23]:  Belarus
Belarus may join standard for automatic exchange of financial account information
Belarus may join the standard for automatic exchange of financial account information. Read
[08-07-2016 09:21]:  Belarus
Vice premier: Belarus still expects Russian gas price to fall
Belarus still sees possibilities to expect a lower price for Russian natural gas supplies. Read
[07-07-2016 14:40]:  Belarus
Semashko: Belarusian economy showing signs of economic recovery
There is some economic recovery, some positive dynamics. The government has managed to contain inflation. Manufacturing industries are recovering and are expected to get out of recession by the end of the year. Read
[07-07-2016 13:53]:  Belarus
Myasnikovich suggests holding Belarus-France forum of regions in 2017
Today there is a political basis for boosting the relations between Belarus and France. Belarus and France have 19 agreements and two countries should sign agreements in other fields. Read
[07-07-2016 12:56]:  Belarus
Belarus' gold, forex reserves up $42.6 million in June
In June 2016 Belarus' gold and foreign exchange reserves rose by $42.6 million if calculated in accordance with methods of the International Monetary Fund. According to preliminary data, the reserves totaled $4,314.2 million as of July 1, 2016. Read

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