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 Great stone industrial park

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[10-08-2016 11:55]:  Belarus
CMEC builds 100kV substation at Great Stone industrial park
The China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) has a built a 100kV substation entitled Technopark at the China-Belarus Industrial Park Great Stone.  Read
[10-08-2016 11:52]:  Belarus
Belshina seeking equipment supplier
OAO Belshina (Bobruisk, Mogilev Region) has announced a tender to choose an equipment supplier for its high-bay warehouse. The company plans to spend Br2.3 million ($1.163 million). The closing date for applications is September 15, 2016. Read
[10-08-2016 11:48]:  Belarus
Bill: Belarus’ business community to evaluate impact of regulatory acts on business environment
Representatives of Belarus’ business community will be authorized to evaluate the regulatory impact of regulatory acts on business environment. Read
[10-08-2016 11:45]:  Belarus
Belarus reports $148.7m foreign trade deficit in Jan-Jun
Belarus’ foreign trade deficit totalled $148.7 million in January-June 2016, compared to a $783.1 million surplus in January-June 2015. Read
[10-08-2016 11:41]:  Belarus
Belarus reports 0.4% inflation growth in July 2016
Belarus saw a 0.4% inflation growth in July 2016 and 7.8% in January-July 2016. In July 2016 Belarus’ consumer prices grew 12.2% year on year. Read
[10-08-2016 11:36]:  Belarus
Belarus’ revenues from export trade in oil products, potash drop $1.7bn in Jan-May 2016 due to low prices
Belarus’ revenues from export trade in oil products and potash fertilizers reduced by $1.7bn in January-May 2016 due to low prices. Read
[10-08-2016 09:50]:  Belarus
Belarus’ premier reports Br2bn budget consolidation in H1
Belarus’ budget consolidation totalled Br2 billion ($1.017 billion at NBB exchange rate). The government has made reservations for expenditures worth a total of Br1.6 billion ($813.752m), or 5.6% of total expenditures of the consolidated budget. Read
[09-08-2016 17:36]:  Belarus
Zinovsky: Belarus' H1 economic performance gives grounds for further growth
The macroeconomic balance remains in place. The state has honored domestic and foreign commitments in full. Backlogs of inventories are declining. So are accounts receivable. The export is growing in physical terms. The refinancing rate is cutting down, it means loans will be cheaper enterprises. Read
[09-08-2016 17:20]:  Belarus
Belarus' support for free trade area between India and EEU appreciated
India appreciates Belarus' support as the country is preparing a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union. India is interested in signing this document and is carrying out the relevant work. A joint working group has been established to explore the issue. Read
[09-08-2016 17:11]:  Belarus
India ready to partake in potash production in Belarus
India is ready to take part in the production of potash fertilizers in Belarus and their long-term purchase. One of Indian companies has signed a one-year contract with Belarus on the purchase of potash fertilizers at the price of $227 per tonne. Read
[09-08-2016 17:03]:  Belarus
EBRD plans to adopt country strategy for Belarus in autumn
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) expects to adopt country strategy for Belarus in the autumn. The country strategy for Belarus has been prepared in several versions. They are under discussion.  Read
[09-08-2016 16:58]:  Belarus
Kobyakov: Belarus' manufacturing output expands thanks to state support
Support provided to the companies of the Industry Ministry during H1 helped them increase the output by 0.7% over 2015 and 1.4% in January-July 2016. Backlog of inventories were reduced by almost Br2 trillion (non-redenominated). Read
[09-08-2016 16:51]:  Belarus
PM: Belarusian economy showing signs of growth recovery
The economy is balanced, social guarantees are fulfilled. In comparison with January 2016 the GDP expanded by 1.9 percentage points and amounted to 97.5% in the first six months. Read
[09-08-2016 12:04]:  Belarus
Belarus' import of goods and services down 11% in H1 2016
In January-June 2016 Belarus reduced the import of goods and services by 11% to $14.15 billion in comparison with the same period last year. Read
[09-08-2016 12:00]:  Belarus
Belarus, India working hard to raise bilateral trade to $1bn
Belarus and India closely cooperate to raise the mutual trade to $1 billion. Belarus is one of the 25 countries, which India invites to participate in domestic programs. Read
[09-08-2016 11:00]:  Belarus
Brest Region enterprises reach six new target markets
In January-June 2016 Brest Region exported merchandise to 74 countries. For the first time Brest Region enterprises started exporting products for holidays and carnivals to Brazil, apparel to Portugal, alcohol beverages to Tanzania, and children toys to Lebanon, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia. Read
[09-08-2016 10:40]:  Belarus
Belarus, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea sign memorandum on Eurasian spatial data infrastructure
Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea have signed a memorandum on mutual understanding and cooperation in the development of the Eurasian spatial data infrastructure, that is a network of spatial information resources, organizational frameworks, legal and regulator mechanisms. Read
[09-08-2016 10:31]:  Belarus
More vigorous Belarusian-Indian cooperation in pharmaceutics suggested
Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich met with representatives of the Indian company Lok-Beta Pharmaceuticals Private Limited. The sides confirmed the previous commitments on building the enterprise in two stages. Read
[09-08-2016 10:16]:  Belarus
Belarus’ proceeds from liquefied gas export to Ukraine down 7.5% to $26.776m in Jan-May 2016
Liquefied gas exports to Ukraine by Belarus’ state oil and gas production monopoly Belorusneft edged down 7.5% year-on-year in January-May 2016 to $26.776 million. Export proceeds reduced exclusively due to the drop in export prices of liquefied gas, which was prompted by a drop in oil prices. Read
[09-08-2016 10:11]:  Belarus
Belarus’ oil refineries increase output 0.5% in H1 2016
Belarusian oil refineries processed 11.937 million tonnes of crude in Jan-Jun 2016, up 0.5% year on year. In H1 20165 Belarusian oil refineries increased output of the AI-95 petrol by 30%, kerosene – 40%, compound fertilizers – up 52.4%, ethylene polymers – 3.1%, truck and bus tyres – 52.4%. Read
[09-08-2016 10:07]:  Belarus
Belneftekhim reports $339m foreign trade surplus in H1 2016
Companies controlled by Belarus’ petrochemical industries concern Belneftekhim produced a $339 million foreign trade surplus in January-June 2016. In physical terms, petrochemical exports remained unchanged year on year in H1 2016.  Read
[09-08-2016 10:04]:  Belarus
Belarus may raise liquefied gas prices
Belarus’ government is discussing a possibility for raising liquefied gas prices. The initiative has been inspired by liquefied gas producers, who seek to increase their profits from liquefied gas sales on the domestic market. Read
[09-08-2016 09:28]:  Belarus
Belarus may raise rates of excise tax on cigarettes 4.1%-4.6% for H1 2017, 5.2%-5.7% for H2 2017
Belarus’ government is considering a bill amending the Tax Code, which suggests that the rates of the excise tax on cigarettes should be raised on Jan 1, 2017 by 4.1%-4.6% for the H1 2017 period (from the H2 2016 level) and on July 1, 2017 by 5.2%-5.7% (from the H1 2017 level) for H2 2017.  Read
[09-08-2016 09:24]:  Belarus
State-owned NAIP to manage activities by Belarus’ PPP Centre
The Public Private Partnership Centre (PPP Centre) is supposed to develop the institutional environment and will act as a mediator between both sectors.  Read
[09-08-2016 09:19]:  Belarus
Belarus to implement another high-priority agribusiness project
Belarus is due to implement a high-priority, export-oriented and import substitution investment project, which involves building factories to produce lysine, threonine, tryptophan, and animal fodder in Pukhovichi District (Minsk Region).  Read
[08-08-2016 17:31]:  Belarus
Fitch affirms Belarus at 'B-'; Outlook Stable
Fitch Ratings has affirmed Belarus' Long-Term Foreign and Local Currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) at 'B-' with a Stable Outlook.  Read
[08-08-2016 15:19]:  Belarus
Belarus, Austria to discuss joint projects in pulp and paper industry
The implementation of joint projects by companies of Bellesbumprom Concern and Austria's leading pulp and paper companies will be considered in Vienna on 8 August. Read
[08-08-2016 11:50]:  Belarus
Belarus, Russia to set up big machine-building cluster in Vologda Region
The biggest Belarusian-Russian machine-building cluster will be set up in Vologda Region. The cluster will produce specialized tractor equipment for the agricultural industry, construction and municipal sectors, forestry industry. Read
[08-08-2016 10:12]:  Belarus
Belarusian Foreign Ministry to set up council of exporters
A council of exporters will be set up under the aegis of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The council of exporters is expected to include representatives of Belarusian exporting companies and associations of businessmen. Read
[08-08-2016 09:19]:  Belarus
Belarus’ gold, forex reserves up $315.4m in July
In July 2016 Belarus' gold and foreign exchange reserves rose by $315.4 million if calculated in accordance with methods of the International Monetary Fund.  Read

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