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[30-09-2016 12:33]:  Belarus
Kazakhstan eager to cooperate with Belarus in information technologies
Kazakhstan is interested in advancing cooperation with Belarus in information technologies. Belarus-Kazakhstan joint participation in international transboundary projects is promising. One of them has been initiated by China — the One Belt, One Road project. Read
[30-09-2016 12:24]:  Belarus
Kazakhstan ready to share PPP development practices with Belarus
Kazakhstan is ready to share its practices in the development of public-private partnership with Belarus. To secure success in this area, it is necessary to further improve the legislation and engage professional consultants in the process. Read
[30-09-2016 12:18]:  Belarus
Strategic investors sought for several Belarusian enterprises
The National Agency of Investment and Privatization of Belarus (NAIP) intends to attract strategic investors to the enterprises to be privatized within the framework of the pilot project the agency is implementing with assistance of the World Bank. Read
[30-09-2016 12:14]:  Belarus
Belarusian national electrical company, Siemens to implement joint projects
The Belarusian national electrical company Belenergo and Siemens Company intend to work together on the concept and preliminary technical solutions for using Siemens-made gas turbine power plants for building power-generating facilities in Belarus that will take the load at peak hours.  Read
[30-09-2016 12:07]:  Belarus
Belarus to raise oil export duties on 1 October
Belarus intends to raise export duties on oil and oil products, which are exported outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, on 1 October 2016. The relevant decision is stipulated by the Council of Ministers' executive order No. 773 of 27 September 2016. Read
[30-09-2016 11:57]:  Belarus
Turkish business seeks stronger presence in Belarus' market
Turkish companies are interested in investing in woodworking, chemical and metalworking sectors of Belarus. Turkey has been rapidly developing its automobile sector, including the production of auto parts. These companies are ready to invest in Belarus. Read
[30-09-2016 10:27]:  Belarus
Belarus’ cargo traffic down 4.5% in Jan-Aug 2016 to 285.566m tonnes
Belarus’ cargo traffic by all means of transport reduced by 4.5% year on year in January-August 2016 to 285.566 million tonnes. Read
[30-09-2016 10:22]:  Belarus
Belagroprombank to take out NEFCO loan to finance environment projects
OAO Belagroprombank is planning to attract the loan of the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) to sponsor environmental projects.  Read
[30-09-2016 10:15]:  Belarus
Belgazprombank to facilitate Belarus’ exports to Russia as agent bank
OAO Belgazprombank will act as agent bank to secure the execution of an agreement between Belarus government and Gazprombank on financing Belarusian exports to Russia.  Read
[30-09-2016 09:58]:  Belarus
Belarus banks’ loan portfolio down 7% to Br40.612bn in Jan-Aug 2016
Belarusian banks’ loan portfolio decreased 7% year on year in January-August 2016 to the equivalent of 40.612 billion Belarusian rubles (Br) as of September 1, 2016, or U.S. $21.009 billion at the official exchange rate of the central bank. Read
[30-09-2016 09:52]:  Belarus
Belarus may raise investments through structural reforms - expert
Structural economic reforms, stable national currency and privatisation of state-owned enterprises will enable Belarus to Raise investments. Read
[30-09-2016 09:50]:  Belarus
Belarus’ central bank sees chance to make credit deal with IMF by late 2016
Belarus has been in talks with the International Monetary Fund negotiating the possibility of drawing a loan worth $3 billion at 2.28% per annum for 10 years.  Read
[30-09-2016 09:44]:  Belarus
IFC to continue to provide financial, consulting aid to Belarus
IFC is ready to involve Belarusian banks in the program of encouraging green economy investment. The IFC supports the plans of the Belarusian government and business in developing alternative energy resources, including the projects on biomass and biogas use.  Read
[30-09-2016 09:25]:  Belarus
Lukashenko visits China: Minsk, Beijing sign several cooperation agreements
Belarus and China have signed 27 agreements and memorandums on cooperation in various fields. These documents were signed in the framework of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Beijing on September 29.  Read
[29-09-2016 09:59]:  Belarus
BPS-Sberbank facilitates cash refills of Yandex.Money e-wallets in Belarus
Yandex.Money is one of the largest e-payment services in the CIS states, with more than 20 million e-wallets registered. Read
[29-09-2016 09:54]:  Belarus
Visa launches updated Financial Football game in Belarus
Visa Int. has launched four projects to enhance financial literacy in Belarus, including the updated version of the educational game “Financial Football 2.0”, Visa’s Regional Manager in Belarus, Moldova and Azerbaijan Read
[29-09-2016 09:45]:  Belarus
KEF-2016 to focus on reforms of state-owned companies
The central topic of the Kastryčnicky Economic Forum (KEF-2016) will be reforms of state-owned companies. Read
[28-09-2016 17:37]:  Belarus
Agreement on promotion of Chinese investments to Belarus to be signed in Beijing
Belarus plans to sign an agreement with the Export-Import Bank of China to promote Chinese direct investments to the tune of about $5 billion.  Read
[28-09-2016 10:53]:  Belarus
Belarus, Germany explore opportunities for investment cooperation
Belarus and Germany explored opportunities for investment cooperation during the Day of Belarusian Economy at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce on 27 September.  Read
[28-09-2016 10:36]:  Belarus
Belarus’ gas output up 0.1% in Jan-Aug to 145.3m cubic metres
Belarus increased gas output by 0.1% year on year in Jan-Aug 2016 to 145.3 million cubic metres. In August alone, Belarus’ gas output grew 14.8% year on year to 18.1 million cubic metres. Read
[28-09-2016 10:12]:  Belarus
Govt requests EBRD to help pre-privatize five Belarusian enterprises
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has received an application from the Belarusian government with a request to provide pre-privatization services for five prominent enterprises. Read
[28-09-2016 09:56]:  Belarus
Belarus’ business community conducting polls to know companies’ opinion of effective customs duties
The Kunyavsky Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers by order of the government is conducting a poll to know domestic companies’ opinion of effective customs duties. Read
[28-09-2016 09:51]:  Belarus
EU to double support to Belarusian projects to €29m
The European Union (EU) has announced the doubling of the bilateral assistance package in support to private sector development and strengthening institutions in Belarus from €14.5 million in 2015 to €29 million in 2016. Read
[27-09-2016 14:02]:  Belarus
Presentation of Gomel Region's industrial potential in Moscow on 28 September
A presentation of the economic, investment, and tourism potential of Gomel Region will take place in the Business and Cultural Complex of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia in Moscow on 28 September. Read
[27-09-2016 13:58]:  Belarus
Minsk to host Belarusian-Hungarian business forum on 28 September
The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) in Minsk will play host to a Belarusian-Hungarian business forum and business talks on 28 September.  Read
[27-09-2016 10:00]:  Belarus
Ireland implements alternative energy projects in Belarus
Ireland is implementing alternative energy sources construction projects in Belarus with the total cost of nearly $100 million. Read
[27-09-2016 09:47]:  Belarus
Belarus’ farm output down 2.2% yr in Jan-Aug 2016 to Br8.4bn
Belarus’ farm output grew 2.2% on the year in Jan-Aug 2016 to 8.4 billion Belarusian rubles ($4.347 billion at the official exchange rate). Read
[27-09-2016 09:36]:  Belarus
Belarus’ oil product export proceeds down 36.1% to $2.766bn in Jan-Jul 2016
Belarus’ proceeds from oil product exports reduced 36.1% year on year in Jan-Jul 2016 to $2.766 billion. Read
[27-09-2016 09:33]:  Belarus
Belarus reports 38.9% drop in Jan-Jul proceeds from potash exports to $1.057bn
Belarus’ proceeds from potash exports fell 38.9% year-on-year in Jan-Jul 2016 to $1.057 billion. Read
[27-09-2016 09:29]:  Belarus
Belaruskali’s potash fertilizer output down 17.3% in Jan-Aug 2016
The state-owned Belarusian company OAO Belaruskali produced 3.799 million tonnes of potash fertilizers (in terms of 100% potassium chloride) in Jan-Aug 2016, down 17.3% year on year. Read

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