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[10-11-2016 09:10]:  Belarus
Slootsk weight handing equipment plant plans to start building A-frame crane factory in early 2017
The Slootsk-based Weight Handing Equipment Plant (Minsk Region) plans to start building a new factory in early 2017 to manufacture A-frame cranes and travelling cranes with a load capacity of up to 240 tonnes. Read
[10-11-2016 09:06]:  Belarus
SME loans, lease deals at 10% per annum
Belarus’ Entrepreneur Support Fund (BESF) on Nov 1, 2016 started offering loans and lease deals at 10% per annum to small private-owned companies. Read
[10-11-2016 09:02]:  Belarus
Polish companies want barriers to trade with Belarus removed
Private business companies of Poland are looking forward to the removal of barriers to trade with Belarus. At the same time, Polish businessmen, who want to cooperate with Belarus, find it important to have security guarantees for Polish investments in Belarus. Read
[09-11-2016 17:52]:  Belarus
Gomselmash sends draft licensing agreement to Turkey's Paksan
A draft licensing agreement to set up a joint venture to assemble forage harvesters KSK-600 has been sent to the company Paksan. Read
[09-11-2016 16:36]:  Belarus
Belarus' GDP energy intensity halved in last 13 years
The energy intensity of Belarus' gross domestic product was halved in the last 13 years. Today this GDP energy intensity is close to that of Finland and Canada, which enjoy similar climatic conditions. Read
[09-11-2016 16:29]:  Belarus
Belarus may take part in modernization of Cuban steel manufacturers
Belarus and Cuba discussed the possibility to purchase Belarusian machine building products for the implementation of projects to upgrade Cuban steel manufacturers, including with the use of the export loans of the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Read
[09-11-2016 10:04]:  Belarus
Poland seeks closer cooperation with Belarus in agriculture
Thanks to Poland's EU membership, it got access to more efficient up-to-date production technologies and is ready to share its experience with Belarusian counterparts and strengthen cooperation in the agricultural sector.  Read
[09-11-2016 09:15]:  Belarus
Belarusbank to have Kamvol’s $229,434 credit secured by govt
Belarusbank will have its $229,434 credit to Belarus’ OAO Kamvol fabric manufacturer secured by the government. The credit was issued in February 2014 to help the fabric manufacturer replenish circulating assets. Read
[09-11-2016 09:08]:  Belarus
Krasnoselskstoimaterialy gets Br2m non-refundable subsidy to produce equipment
Belarus’ Energy Ministry will provide Br 2 million ($1.05m) to OAO Krasnoselskstoimaterialy (Grodno Region, one of Belarus’ largest manufacturers of construction materials) as a non-refundable subsidy to purchase relevant technological equipment for a cement clinker producing facility. Read
[08-11-2016 17:35]:  Belarus
Expo in Minsk to showcase goods from China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
The National Exhibition Center Belexpo in Minsk will host a trade show that will showcase goods from China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on 9 to 11 November.  Read
[08-11-2016 17:33]:  Belarus
Minsk to host Belarusian-Turkish business forum on 11 November
A Belarusian-Turkish business forum is scheduled to take place in Minsk on 11 November. Participants of the forum are expected to discuss promising avenues of development of Belarus-Turkey trade, economic, and investment cooperation.  Read
[08-11-2016 17:19]:  Belarus
Belarus' food exports projected to total $2.1bn in 2016
Belarus' food exports is projected to total $2.1 billion in 2016. This year Belarus has branched out into two more markets. Read
[08-11-2016 17:03]:  Belarus
Koltovich: Belarusian food products are popular in the CIS
Belarusian food products are in demand on all the markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Belarus has been actively diversifying its exports.  Read
[08-11-2016 16:56]:  Belarus
Measures to encourage adoption of cutting-edge quality management practices in Belarus
A set of measures will be implemented in Belarus in 2016-2020 to encourage the national economy to adopt cutting-edge methods and modern quality management systems. Read
[08-11-2016 16:54]:  Belarus
Belarusians producers to upgrade quality management systems by 15 September 2018
Belarusian organizations should gradually upgrade their quality management systems by 15 September 2018. This deadline is set for all states that are part of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Read
[08-11-2016 14:06]:  Belarus
Belarus interested in Polish fruit, vegetable processing technologies
Belarusian companies take an interest in Poland's new technologies for processing fruits and vegetables. Joint efforts to nurture new kinds of fruit varieties are another cooperation avenue Belarus is interested in. Read
[08-11-2016 11:25]:  Belarus
Belarus-Pakistan trade on the rise
In January-September 2016 the trade between Belarus and Pakistan totaled $38.6 million, with Belarus exporting $30 million worth of products to Pakistan. Read
[08-11-2016 09:27]:  Belarus
Belarusian company resumes filter paper deliveries to Kazakhstan
The Svetlogorsk-based company Svetlogorsk Pulp and Board Plant has resumed the delivery of filter paper to Kazakhstan. The previous batch was delivered to Kazakhstan in 2008. Read
[08-11-2016 09:22]:  Belarus
Belarus to participate in construction of poultry farm in Mozambique
A delegation of the Agriculture and Food Ministry has recently visited two African countries, Mozambique and South Africa. Belarus is currently in talks over possible supplies of dried milk products, frozen poultry meat and beef. Besides, it is considering projects to establish joint ventures. Read
[08-11-2016 09:19]:  Belarus
Belarus eager to export some 300,000t of potatoes in 2016
Belarus intends to export about 300,000 tonnes of potatoes in 2016. Belarusian potatoes are traditionally sold to Russia. But Belarus is also working to sell potatoes to Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Tajikistan.  Read
[08-11-2016 09:14]:  Belarus
Belarusian industrial gas producer now sells argon to Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova
The Belarusian industrial gas producer BMZ-GKS, which was founded by Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ trademark) among other parties, started selling argon to Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova in 2016. Read
[04-11-2016 14:00]:  Belarus
Belarus' gold, forex reserves up $62.1m in October
In October 2016 Belarus' gold and foreign exchange reserves rose by $62.1 million if calculated in accordance with methods of the International Monetary Fund. According to preliminary data, the reserves totaled $4,817.1 million as of 1 November. Read
[04-11-2016 10:24]:  Belarus
FEZ Brest set to gain stronger foothold in EU market
The Brest Free Economic Zone (FEZ Brest) and the Danish-Belarusian Business Association (DBBA) have signed a cooperation agreement in Aarhus, Denmark. Read
[04-11-2016 10:19]:  Belarus
Mogilev Region, Poland's Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship to step up economic cooperation
Mogilev Region and Poland's Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship intend to step up economic cooperation. The intention was mentioned during the meeting of Mogilev Region Governor Vladimir Domanevsky and Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Marshal Piotr Calbecki in Mogilev on 3 November. Read
[04-11-2016 09:46]:  Belarus
Belarus’ oil products export to Poland up 5.2 times to 413,850 tonnes in Jan-Sep 2016
Belarus’ proceeds from exports of petroleum products to Poland grew 3.4 times year on year in January-September 2016 to $149.3 million. Read
[04-11-2016 09:37]:  Belarus
IFC to finance $3.326m advisory assistance programme to help Belarus enhance investment climate
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) will finance an advisory assistance programme to the tune of $3.326 million aiming to assist the Government of Belarus to improve the country’s business and investment climate, help foster economic growth and job creation. Read
[04-11-2016 09:19]:  Belarus
EU preparing new programme to support SME development in Belarus
The European Union (EU) is preparing a new programme aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Belarus and the vocational training system. Read
[04-11-2016 09:09]:  Belarus
IMF official: Belarus’ economy dwelling in recession with no signs of recovery
Belarus has managed to slow down inflation growth (8.3% in Jan-Sep 2016, annual forecast – 9%); thanks to the efforts of the National Bank the ruble’s exchange rate has been stabilized. However, structural shortfalls of Belarus’ economy have been eradicated.  Read
[03-11-2016 09:41]:  Belarus
Hundreds of Belarus’ state-owned farms subject to pre-trial financial readjustment
As many as 323 partially or fully state-owned agribusiness companies in Belarus are subject to pre-trial financial readjustment, while another 102 farms face bankruptcy, in accordance with the government’s resolution No. 889 of Oct 31, 2016. Read
[03-11-2016 09:36]:  Belarus
Mogilevliftmash exports up 9.4% in Jan-Sep 2016 to $83.1m
Belarus’ OAO Mogilevliftmash elevator plant reports a 9.4% increase in exports in Jan-Sep 2016 to $83.1 million. Elevator exports grew 26.6% to 7,842 units. Read

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