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[11-03-2011 16:51]:  Brazil
Brazilian money markets expect tightening to check inflation
Brazil's Central Bank remains cautious about the outlook for prices due to uncertainties in the global economy and hinted that more than just interest rates may be needed to bring inflation back into line with targets. Read
[04-03-2011 16:23]:  Brazil
Brazil now the seventh economy of the world
Brazil is now the seventh economy of the world and ready to overtake France and Britain.  Read
[25-02-2011 17:16]:  Brazil
Brazil's world's largest iron ore producer has record profits
Brazilian mining giant and the world’s largest iron ore producer - Vale SA - said its fourth-quarter profit almost quadrupled because of surging prices for the raw material used to make steel. Read
[21-02-2011 13:28]:  Brazil
Brazil's oil reserves increase 11 percent last year
Brazil’s proven oil reserves rose 10.65% last year to nearly 14.25 billion barrels, the biggest annual increase in the past eight years. Read
[17-02-2011 12:44]:  Brazil
Brazil injects US$27 billion to development bank
Brazilian state-run development bank BNDES will receive at least 45 billion Real or US$27 billion from the government to extend its programme of low-cost loans for supporting company investments in capital goods.  Read
[14-02-2011 12:56]:  Brazil
Brazil & Argentina will reject commodity prices proposal at G20
Brazil and Argentina are against a French proposal for this week's G20 meeting to regulate commodity prices whose recent rises are blamed for a spike in food costs. Read
[10-02-2011 13:17]:  Brazil
Brazil poised for another record crop of soybeans
Brazil could harvest a record crop of 70 million tons of soybeans this year because of improved climate conditions and expansion of the area planted. Read
[09-02-2011 12:52]:  Brazil
Inflation surge in Brazil & Chile
Global commodity prices continue to be the main driver of inflation in both Brazil and Chile. Read
[21-01-2011 13:23]:  Brazil
Brazil raises interest rate to 11.25 percent
Brazil’s Central Bank has increased its key interest rate to 11.25% in the hope of halting inflation.  Read
[23-12-2010 13:41]:  Brazil
Brazil's central bank inflation warning - rate hike next month
Brazil's central bank reiterated its clear commitment to raise interest rates soon as the outlook for inflation has become “far less favourable” than it had previously thought. Read
[23-12-2010 13:33]:  Brazil
Brazil's soybean to have good harvest but coffee lowest next year
Brazil's soybean growers - the world’s largest producer after the United States - may harvest more of the oilseeds next year than the government estimated earlier this month.  Read
[20-12-2010 13:00]:  Brazil
Brazil is fourth largest market for global auto industry
Brazil has become the world’s fourth largest market for the automobile industry with sales of US$3.45 million this year - up 9.8% over last year. Read
[13-12-2010 17:51]:  Brazil
Brazil's consumer inflation soars to highest level in five years
Brazil's consumer inflation (IPCA) reached 0.83% last month - the highest monthly level in more than five years.  Read
[10-12-2010 13:44]:  Brazil
Brazil's trade surplus down 40 percent boosted by import demand
Brazil’s trade surplus this year should reach US$16 billion which is 40% below last year.  Read
[03-12-2010 11:50]:  Brazil
Brazil’s new regulations for oil industry
Brazil’s lower house of Congress approved this week new oil regulations increasing government control over the energy industry and reducing competition against government's Petrobras.  Read
[01-12-2010 16:33]:  Brazil
Brazil's food industry unable to fill 3,000 qualified jobs
In a clear signal of the lack of qualified labour which is suffering with the booming Brazilian economy, the powerful Marfrig meats’ processing group admitted it was having difficulties to fill 3.000 vacancies with competent personnel.  Read
[01-12-2010 13:38]:  Brazil
Brazil to cut long term loans to combat inflation
Brazil plans to cut funding for its state development bank - BNDES - by 50% next year to bring down the world’s second-highest inflation-adjusted interest rates. Read
[24-11-2010 16:02]:  Brazil
Foreign direct investment in Brazil soars in October
Foreign direct investment in Brazil soared to US$6.8 billion last month - the highest for the month since records were started.  Read
[23-11-2010 16:06]:  Brazil
Brazil to boost ship building industry
Brazil is boosting its ship building industry, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said.  Read
[23-11-2010 15:51]:  Brazil
Food costs pressure Brazil's consumer prices
Brazil's economists raised their forecast for inflation this year for the tenth consecutive week, as food costs pressure consumer prices further beyond the government’s target. Read
[22-10-2010 15:50]:  Brazil
Brazil's GDP set to grow 7.5 per cent this year and 5.9 percent in 2011
Brazil’s GDP may grow 7.5% this year up from a previous estimate of 7%, the Finance Ministry said.  Read
[22-10-2010 15:24]:  Brazil
Brazil predicted to displace italy as 7th world economy next year
Brazil would move ahead of Italy into seventh place in the ranking of the largest world economies with a GDP of US$2 trillion next year. Read
[19-10-2010 16:47]:  Brazil
Brazilian firms advised to use Malaysia as gateway to trade with Asean
Brazilian companies should leverage on Malaysia as the gateway to expand trade into the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) region and set up regional operations and headquarters here, says International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Mukhriz Mahathir. Read
[19-10-2010 16:21]:  Brazil
Brazil raises tax on incoming capital for 2nd time in a month
Brazil increased taxes on foreign investments in fixed-income securities for the second time in a month and Finance Minister Guido Mantega said countries trying to defend exports must end the “currency war.”  Read
[19-10-2010 15:52]:  Brazil
Brazil is magnet for Chile's investors - trade soars 66 percent
Brazil has emerged as Chile's largest trading partner in South America and one of the most important destinations for Chile's investment. Read
[12-10-2010 16:48]:  Brazil
Brazil's auto production up - but exports threatened by strong real currency
Automobile production in Brazil is forecasted to grow 13.1% this year more than the 6.5% expansion predicted previously according to the National Automakers Association (Anfavea). Read
[01-10-2010 15:56]:  Brazil
Brazil's sept inflation up 1.15 percent - pushed by food and raw materials
Brazil’s broadest measure of inflation rose the fastest since May in Sept.  Read
[23-09-2010 16:34]:  Brazil
Brazil seeks partners in Peru for health sector business
A trade mission of 16 Brazilian companies will be in Peru for the Brazil-Peru business round table of medical and dental care equipment on Mon Sept 27. Read
[14-09-2010 15:47]:  Brazil
EU trade commissioner to have trade talks with Brazil & Argentina
European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht is expected in Brazil and Argentina this week for advance trade talks with the Latin American Mercosur common market group. Read
[10-09-2010 15:33]:  Brazil
Brazil & Argentina discuss integration of auto parts production
Brazil and Argentina will cooperate on accelerating the productive integration of automobile parts within the Mercosur group regional bloc, industry ministers of the two countries said. Read

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