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[06-06-2012 16:56]:  Brazil
Brazil's central bank seizes a consumer lending bank for violations
Brazil’s easy money policies have squeezed yet another of its banking weaklings.  Read
[05-06-2012 16:39]:  Brazil
Brazil calls for concerted action at G20 leaders' summit
The world's leading economies, especially those in Europe, must work together to combat the current global financial crisis, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said yesterday. Read
[04-06-2012 16:34]:  Brazil
Brazil's economy slow expansion at 0.2 pct in first quarter
Brazil's economy barely expanded in the first quarter as frustrated business leaders cut back on investments, casting new doubt on the health of emerging markets.  Read
[29-05-2012 10:41]:  Brazil
Brazil's 2012 growth forecast further lowered to 2.99 pct
Brazilian financial analysts lowered the country's economic growth projection for this year for the third time to 2.99 percent out of gloomy performance in the first quarter, according to a poll published yesterday by the central bank. Read
[29-05-2012 10:25]:  Brazil
Brazil, South Korea to boost foreign trade
Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota and his South Korean counterpart Kim Sung-hwan signed here yesterday an agreement aimed at boosting bilateral trade.  Read
[29-05-2012 10:23]:  Brazil
Brazil imposes maximum tariff on 100 imported goods
Brazil raised to the maximum the common external tariff - AEC - that the Latin Mercosur market group charges on imported goods from out of the zone. Read
[25-05-2012 14:10]:  Brazil
Brazil's current account deficit rose sharply in April
Brazil's monthly current account deficit rose sharply in April as the country's trade surplus faded and profit remittances and foreign travel costs increased, the Brazilian Central Bank said. Read
[28-04-2012 15:18]:  Brazil
Brazil's unemployment increased in March to 6.2% from February’s 5.7%
Brazil's unemployment rate increased from the previous month in March, data released by statistical office IBGE showed Thursday. Read
[28-04-2012 12:03]:  Brazil
Brazil can import avocado from Chile
The Ministry of Agriculture, Live-stock and Supply (MAPA) of Brazil approved the health plan requirements for avocado imports from Chile. Recommendations were published in the Union's Official Diary last Friday, 20 of April, through the Normative Instruction n.º 9 and it refers to the American Perse Read
[20-04-2012 14:23]:  Brazil
Brazil, Uruguay discuss priority areas of cooperation
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and her Uruguayan counterpart Jose Mujica, yesterday discussed priority areas for bilateral cooperation, especially physical and energy integration. Read
[19-04-2012 15:38]:  Brazil
Brazil lowers basic rate to 9 pct - more could come
Brazil lowered its benchmark interest rate to a near-historic low of 9% yesterday as expected.  Read
[18-04-2012 17:59]:  Brazil
Brazil's economy to grow 3 pct - with overheating risks
The Brazilian economy is set to grow 3% in 2012 after the modest 2.7% of last year - but following the relaxation of monetary policy it runs the risk of ‘overheating’, according to the IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO). Read
[17-04-2012 14:59]:  Brazil
Brazil & US discuss closer economic ties & energy cooperation
Cooperation in energy development, closer economic ties including a free trade agreement and praise for Brazil’s economic and political leadership were some of the issues discussed by visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her first day of meetings with Brazilian officials. Read
[12-04-2012 14:05]:  Brazil
Brazil's auto makers to invest US$22 bln by 2015
Brazil's auto manufacturers will invest US$22 billion by 2015 to improve the sector's competitiveness, President of the Motor Vehicle Producers Association (Anfavea) Cledorvino Belini said yesterday. Read
[09-04-2012 11:19]:  Brazil
Brazil will boost competitiveness of other industries
Brazil has no plans to offer further incentives for automakers but the government does not rule out taking steps to boost the competitiveness of other industries, Trade and Industry Minister Fernando Pimentel said. Read
[06-04-2012 14:22]:  Brazil
Brazil sees growth driven by lower inflation
Finance Minister Guido Mantega says, Brazil's inflation is under control as latest statistics show the IPCA inflation rate dropped to its lowest level since July last year. Read
[04-04-2012 12:21]:  Brazil
Brazil warns against predatory practices in economy
President Dilma Rousseff says, the government will firmly defend the Brazilian businesses, jobs and the workers' income from predatory practices applied by nations hit by the world crisis. Read
[04-04-2012 12:13]:  Brazil
Brazil announces US$35 bln stimulus package for industry
Brazil provided tax cuts and other stimulus measures worth about 65 billion Reais (US$35 billion) to protect the country’s struggling industry from what President Dilma Rousseff claimed were “predatory” trade practices by rich nations. Read
[03-04-2012 15:30]:  Brazil
Brazil: Fruit exporting sector is pessimistic
The climate in the fruit sector is pessimistic, regarding the external market in 2012. According to the Brazilian Institute of fruits (Ibraf), the shipped amounts present a drop compared to 2009, when the international crisis was already going on. Expectations for this year are that the result will  Read
[02-04-2012 14:41]:  Brazil
Brazil considering tax breaks & higher tariffs
Brazil will extend a payroll tax break to some manufacturers as part of a package of new measures to help struggling industries. Read
[30-03-2012 14:46]:  Brazil
Brazil's benchmark rate could fall 9 pct from 9.75 pct
Brazil's Central Bank Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) reaffirmed the likelihood it will continue to cut rates. Read
[23-03-2012 15:28]:  Brazil
One in five manufactured goods consumed in Brazil were imports
Almost one in five manufactured goods consumed in Brazil last year was imported, according to a survey undertaken by the country’s National Industry Confederation (CNI). Read
[12-03-2012 14:45]:  Brazil
Brazil to prop up economy to counter international economic crisis
The Brazilian government has promised an ‘arsenal’ of measures to counter the effects of the international crisis and prop the economy which will reduce the tax burden for several industries.  Read
[21-02-2012 14:34]:  Brazil
Brazil's banks increase reserves fearing a credit bubble
Brazilian banks have increased their reserves by 21% to the equivalent of US$67.3 billion fearing a possible moratorium while consumers are facing growing problems to address payments, according to the Correio Braziliense newspaper. Read
[16-02-2012 16:36]:  Brazil
Brazil announces budget cut this year
The Brazilian government today announced a cut of 55 billion reais (about US$31 billion) in this year's Budget , which is aimed at strengthening public finances and controlling inflation.  Read
[15-02-2012 16:41]:  Brazil
Brazil exercises patience over Argentine latest trade restrictions
Brazil’s private sector said it would grant Argentina a “confidence vote” and would wait until the end of this month before assessing the consequence of the new import restrictions imposed byPresident Cristina Fernandez's government. Read
[13-02-2012 15:24]:  Brazil
Brazil's consumer prices increase 0.56 prc - fastest in nine months
Brazilian consumer prices rose at the fastest pace in nine months last month on higher transport, food and drink costs. Read
[06-02-2012 17:01]:  Brazil
Development requires sustainability, not growth
The word 'sustainability' is on everyone's lips in the lead-up to the Rio+20 conference in Brazil in June. But if development policy is to improve, mere lip service must be replaced with binding agreements. Read
[25-01-2012 12:24]:  Brazil
Brazil has record FDI last year - more than current account deficit
Brazil posted a record-high current account deficit last year on rising profit remittances by multinational companies and massive spending abroad by Brazilian tourists. Read
[19-01-2012 17:33]:  Brazil
Growing problems in Brazil-Argentine trade relations
Brazilian Industry and Foreign Trade Minister Fernando Pimentel has expressed the government’s "deep disappointment" with the latest Argentine legislation to be implemented on trade saying that Argentina is “a permanent problem”. Read

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