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[27-02-2012 17:27]:  Uganda
China considering granting Ugandan exports duty-free access, says ambassador
China is considering granting Uganda's exports duty free and tariff free access to the Chinese market starting July 1, 2012, says new Chinese Ambassador to Uganda Zhao Yali. Read
[03-01-2012 17:13]:  Uganda
Lower food priceshelp bring down Uganda's inflation rate to 27 pct in Dec 2011
Lower food prices resulting from increased supplies have helped bring down the headline inflation rate to 27 per cent in December 2011, from 29 per cent in November, according to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) here. Read
[29-12-2011 16:31]:  Uganda
Uganda investment authority attracts professionals back home
The Government plans to establish a system to sell bonds and attract finance from Ugandans living and working abroad to enable them invest in the country. Read
[17-11-2011 11:27]:  Uganda
Bank of Uganda may print a 100,000-shilling banknote is inflation persists
Uganda's central bank says it may be forced to print 100,000-shilling notes (one USD = about 2,594 shillings) if the inflation rate in the country continues to rise over the next six months. Read
[09-08-2011 14:44]:  Uganda
Ugandan coffee exports to increase
Uganda has lifted its coffee export forecast to 2.8 million 60kg bags for 2010/2011 on expectations of good harvests, just months after scaling down its estimate owing to a drought. Read
[08-08-2011 12:16]:  Uganda
Uganda: govt to allow import of 40,000 tonnes sugar for 6 months
Pres Yoweri Museveni has said the Ugandan Government will allow controlled sugar imports of up to 40,000 tonnes for six months to address the current scarcity of sugar. Read
[05-08-2011 15:03]:  Uganda
Ugandan government to review housing law
The housing policy will be reviewed to put into consideration the increasing demand for houses, the escalating cost of building materials and the high interest rates, says Ugandan housing and urban development minister Daudi Migereko. Read
[20-06-2011 12:24]:  Uganda
Uganda luanches 44.5 billion shilling youth job creation scheme
The Ugandan government has launced a national programme through which youth will get training and then access funding for entrepreneurship. Read
[11-04-2011 11:54]:  Uganda
Uganda's economy growing at 9% - IMF
Uganda’s economy has been growing at 9% in the first half of this financial year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said. The growth will, however, be affected by the rising price of food and fuel, coupled with growing inflation and exchange rate depreciation.  Read
[12-10-2010 14:49]:  Uganda
Uganda's economy to grow 8% - central bank
Uganda’s ecomony will grow at about 8% next year because of a low inflation rate, the Central Bank governor, Tumusiime Mutebile, said against International Monetary Fund’s World Economic report that forecast inflation at 6.1% next year. Read
[22-09-2010 16:11]:  Uganda
Uganda: oil production could boost growth to 10%
Oil production is likely to push Uganda’s economic growth into double figures, but Uganda also needs to look at saving oil revenues for future generations, deputy Central Bank governor Louis Kasekende said.  Read
[30-07-2010 11:36]:  Uganda
Burundi woos Uganda investors
Uganda businesspeople have been invited to invest in Burundi to benefit more from of the East African Community common market. Read
[06-07-2010 09:56]:  Uganda
East African Community (EAC) common market yet to take off, though effective July 1
Local traders in Uganda had expected to move freely with their goods and capital without being taxed across the borders of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi when the East African common market took effect July 1.  Read
[29-06-2009 11:52]:  Uganda
Uganda's sugar, rice get duty-free access to EU
UGANDA is to start exporting sugar and rice to the European Union (EU) duty and quota-free, the state trade minister has said.  Read
[17-02-2009 15:54]:  Uganda
Mystery surroundings Uganda's sameer exports to Syria - milk or ghee?
MYSTERY surrounds a consignment of 15 tonnes of dairy products by Sameer Agriculture and Livestock that President Yoweri Museveni commissioned for export to Syria last May. Read

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